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Obedience Training – The K9 Pro Way!

Obedience training is simple, anyone can do it, but there are so many methods, how do you choose? 

I believe training the handler at least as much as you train the dog. I am not not going to try to fool anyone here into thinking every dog I work with has turned out perfect first time, but I will say that when I have worked with the dog again, the problem was not with the dog, but with the handler. We came to the conclusion that as the dog worked perfectly for us, the owner became complacent and didn’t put in the work.

Once we brought this to the owners attention, we then obtained that high level success rate we enjoy today.

I like to discuss the owners goals, then explain how we intend exceeding those goals. Those goals then become my goals and I work damn hard to exceed them.

I often say, understand this, we are a team, you, me and the dog, as you control 2/3 of the players on the team, you control 2/3 of the outcome. Don’t let the team down!

On our page that outlines our Services, you will see the types of training we offer, to elaborate on those, our puppy class is a two or four lesson package (depending on the owners long term goals) that gives the handler the information required to raise the puppy on the right track, it also imprints the puppy with a few basic commands that the owner can perfect over time. We even run this course via correspondance through our Distance Learning Packages.

We include socialisation and the direction the owner should take to reach his or her goals.

When it comes to adolescent or adult dogs, we ensure the training program we set is in line with the owners life style and chosen breed, rather than have a specific program that you will just have to fit into.

For example, I don’t specify a high activity program for an elderly person with a low drive dog, we write the program so the dog will fit in with you, not your run your life around training your dog, in fact many of our programs will give you success with as little as a fifteen minute input per day. Whilst you may think that isn’t enough, our programs give you very fast results, guaranteed!

Personal training means personalising the training to suit the application…

Not all our programs are designed for the most committed dog owners on the planet, we run very basic family obedience programs for those who only require basic obedience and have a busy lifestyle, right through to the committed enthusiast who wants to compete and win with their dog.

Often, we are brought dogs that have bombed out of Obedience Club, common reasons often indicate that the dog was too hyperactive, this means too high drive.

The dogs we source for our sport work and protection work are the highest drive dogs we can find, so we don’t think there is a dog on the earth that is too high drive….

My obedience programs and training in drive programs will provide results with your high drive dog that will far out perform the lower drive dogs in that club.

Put me to the test, my guarantee is that: –

“if your not satisfied, there is no charge!”

There are many types of dogs that simply cannot be trained fairly and successfully in a group environment, these dogs can return to group training once they have passed a certain level in private classes.

Whilst we train mostly at our facility, when your dog reaches the point of high distraction training, we can meet you in local shopping centres, parks and main streets and carry out the lesson under high distraction.

Another issue we see often is that people are struggling to keep up with the training clubs schedule, they end up falling behind and dropping out, we dont progress until your ready to do so. No pressure, no reason to move on before your ready, it isn’t a race, it will take as long as it takes.

Often, actually more than often, we make such advances in each lesson people are stunned. With all distractions removed, the right tools being used, and our unique training methods employed, results rarely fall short of amazing, see our testimonials to read some of our success stories.

One very common problem is a dog that pulls on the leash, its a guarantee I have that within 15 minutes of training, I can walk your dog on a loose leash only held by my little finger!

Yes I hear you laughing, saying “not my dog”. Yes, your dog, every dog, any dog, guaranteed.

Ok whats my idea of a loose leash? As shown in the picture!


If you are not getting results, or are sick of excuses, email us now….

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  1. I watched Nic and FLick on YouTube and would love my female German Shepherd to watch me like that! How do I do this? help pls

  2. Hi Val, we didn’t actually train Flick to do this as an exercise, it comes naturally with my training in drive program.

    Here is a GSD doing the same program

    Here is a Toller as well

    Shepherds look at the handler with this heel style do look great though!

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