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Fitting a Prong Collar

This simple task can sometimes get confusing, so we have added a page to out line the correct fitting procedure.

Step 1.

Wrap the collar around your dogs neck, the prong collar does not go over the head, but un clips and wraps around.

To correctly size the collar, remove links, you can see below that this collar needs to have 4 links removed.

The collar should be fitted as high up on the neck as practical and snug, meaning not tight or uncomfortable but not so as the collar is in any way loose.

Step 2.

Once collar is sized properly, by removing links, engage the two prongs into the tab provided at the end of the chain, as shown below. You will find the best success to pinch the links at the bend to line them up with the holes in the tab.

Both tabs must be surely engaged and the collar must be fitted just behind the ears and fitted snug.


Step 3.

Once you have your new collar fitted, we recommend connecting your leash snap to both rings on the prong collar, we recommend doing this only the first time you fit the collar to a dog, so that you can accustom the dog to the new feel of the prong without startling it.

Once your leash is connected to both rings, walk your dog around a low distraction area such as your back yard etc.

Step 4.

When your dog is comfortable with the feel, this only takes a few minutes, connect your leash to the D ring of your collar and commence training, as shown below.

We have a range of prong collars here

We do not recommend fitting any training collar, including the Prong Training Collar to your dog without professional instruction. The above is a fitting guide, not a training guide.

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