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Breeds We WILL NOT Work With!

If you’re looking for a list, you won’t find it here; there is no dog that gets turned away from K9 Pro.

There are some trainers and Behaviourists that won’t provide training to some breeds as they deem them troublesome, aggressive or hard to train, in my opinion why turn away a dog that needs help because it is listed as a certain breed?

Many people are unaware of something called BSL, Breed Specific Legislation; this is another way of saying that they are highly discriminative of certain breeds. BSL does not make sense because temperaments are not locked into a breed, just like personalities are not restricted to certain races of people.

There are a number of dog breeds that have been banned in Australia already and it is feared that there could be more added to that list, many more. The media in an attempt to grab at ratings will often publish a story that is very light on facts, very heavy on emotional key points so that they can provide the shock value that people need to tune in.

Segregating dogs by breed and applying rules to dogs by breed is the start of the road that is going the wrong way.

Finally, people never have a concern about bringing any breed to us, we don’t care about breeds, we care about dogs, so if you have a breed that you think that we may not work with, or that your dog is aggressive or declared dangerous,  have no concerns, we will help you without bias.

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