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Collars and Harnesses – Which is Best for You?

Often we will be brought a problem dog, one that fails to go forward and get a bite or engage in prey. We often find these dogs working on a check chain.

We put the same dog in a harness and 30 minutes later these dogs are surprising their handlers. The collars being used for this work are giving the dogs a correction for forward movement, something you don’t want.

Do yourself and your dog a favour, measure him up for a harness.

As an update to this article, I wanted to add, we no longer use or recommend Agitation Collars for bite work. We still make these (to order) for people who want them but we no longer use these in our training. We only use harnesses now.

The harness allows the dog so much more drive due to the fact that the dog isn’t having its air restricted, and consequently the dogs endurance is much better.



People will think about it and won’t spend the money. I’m still amazed by people like this, they will risk their dog getting over corrected for going forward in bite work, creating a problem they may spend months trying to fix, all for a few dollars.

Our harnesses are the absolute finest money can buy. They are made by leather craftsmen from premium quality leather. I have one of these I have used for 12 years, it’s still feels and looks the same.

There is a D ring fitted above the dogs back, giving you control whilst allowing him maximum movement.

See all of our harnesses here

Please take a look at our article (here) on leash safety.


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