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10 Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog!

1.   Crate Training gives your dog his own space

Dogs need their own space as quite often what you like them doing one day, may not be appropriate everyday, like getting up on your lap. So by crate training your dog, there is never a time when going to the crate is a bad idea.

2.   Crate Training teaches your dog pack position in your home

When someone comes to stay at your house, you set them rules right? No I hear you saying but I am sure that you tell them where to eat, where to sleep, where to toilet and where to socialise, right? Well giving a dog the full run of your house in the majority of cases is not ideal. Teach him he has his crate and when he is in your home, he needs to behave respectfully.

3.   Crate Training gives your dog a place to escape to

Often when a normally non aggressive dog bites or snaps at someone, the dog felt it had no other option, people had come over and perhaps children “playing” with your dog wasn’t the best idea. The crate is a great place that your dog can retreat to so he isn’t faced with an unwinnable situation.

4.   Crate Training gives your dog a safe place

When workmen come over, storms arrive, parties are on at your place, what does your dog think of all this and how can he find respite from these pressures? His crate is the ideal place!

5.   Crate Training means you can take your dogs safe place anywhere you go

Going on holidays or just to Mum and Dad’s house? By all means take your dog but take his crate too, that way you wont be there just waiting for something to go wrong!

6.   Vet says “Keep your dog quiet whilst recovering”

Most people laugh when they hear this as they have no way of “keeping their dog quiet”. Well crate training is preparation for this day if it ever comes. Good Crate Training is teaching your dog the crate is a chill out zone.

7.   The Crate is not a toilet

Crate Training is a very effective way of housetraining a dog and keeping that training up, dogs don’t like soiling their sleeping area’s so they will avoid using the crate as a toilet.

8.   Crate Training helps the dog avoid learning to destroy things

Some dogs come across your belongings whilst strolling through “their” house, this might lead to chewing and whilst eliminating items that can be chewed is a great idea, its not always possible to eliminate your things from your house. Crate training can stop this in its tracks.

9.   Transport your dog safely

Travelling in cars with your dog loose is a risky behaviour, crate train your dog and put him in the crate when you travel, if you ever need to transport your dog by plane, ship or train, they won’t accept your dog without a crate, and this would not be a good time to introduce the crate.

10. Your dog is as good as the situation you put him in

Dogs can react to things very different than you would expect them to, behaviours such as barking at the front door when visitors arrive to chewing the furniture and counter surfing can all be avoided and often cured by crate training.

Many people are reluctant to crate train their dog, but those who do will strongly recommend it, if you follow our crate training program that comes with our crates, you will have a dog that feels very secure and happy in its crate, you might just need some help getting your dog out!

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