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Leash Breakage – the Safety Article Everyone Should Read

There is one piece of training equipment that every dog owner needs, but it is often the most over looked and underestimated thing they own – it’s the leash.

People turn up to training at our facility daily with cheap cotton or nylon leashes with cheap, chrome, die cast snaps, this is a big mistake.

There is no doubt that a piece of string is suitable for walking a dog that doesn’t lunge, or pull or panic, but when they do act this way, these cheap leashes very often fail. We hear from many people every week who have had leashes fail or who ask us if we have a leash strong enough for their dog who has broken dozens of leashes.

We tell people that they should purchase a leash with the same thoughts as a seat belt manufacturer has when they choose seat belt webbing – worst case scenario.

Our 1″ super heavy duty Premium leather leash

We have been using our Premium Leash Range now since about 1987. These are top quality professionally made leather leashes that I have used for personal protection/law and enforcement work. I have tried many leashes since from all over the world and cannot find a better leash at any cost, well, that was until I found our Soft Hide Leather and made our range of Soft Hide Leather Leashes, which takes luxury leather leashes to a new level!

All of our leather leashes are hand made, hand stitched with heavy duty commercial stitching and fitted with solid brass hardware. You can read the story behind our leather leashes here if you want to know more about how they are made.

You can see from this picture below that this dog is not muzzled nor is Steve wearing any protective equipment. This work is known as civil agitation, it’s ensures the dog is not focusing on the equipment, but the man.

Safety first! If this dog was to break its leash Steve would be finished, so it shows how much he thinks of these leashes.

If you were walking your dog through a busy city street and a truck blew it’s horn, or you walk into a vet and another dog lunges at yours, will your leash hold up under these conditions?

If not then your dog’s life could be at risk.

Another thing that occurs with cotton web and nylon leads is that when you try and hold them tight, they fold on themselves and it feels like your holding a piece of string, that can easily slip through your fingers, causing burns and your dog to be free. Cotton leashes that have become wet and dry slowly retain a dusty feel, this is the fibers coming apart due to mould and rot. These leashes can snap like a twig when shock loaded.

Our range of Syn Tek leashes.

If you are after an alternative to leather leashes, our range of Syn Tek leashes are the best quality alternative we have found anywhere. Syn Tek is a man made, faux leather but is lighter and approximately 40% stronger than leather. It is all weather resistant, so if you want a leash you can take to the beach or use in any weather conditions (rain, hail, snow or shine!) Syn Tek is a great option, and it comes in a range of great colours. We also have Syn Tek available in long lines.

Below is a very important picture…

This picture shows the Die Cast chrome plated snap. Take a look at the hole in the base of the snap this is where these snaps fail, they give no warning at all. You can also see the ring in which the cotton leash is attached was made in two pieces also.

They do not break under the weight of your dog, they break due to shock loading, this is a sudden increase in load that shears the head off the bolt. This occurs when your dog lunges & hits the end of the leash..

These snaps are cast in three pieces in aluminum die cast mold and then soldered together. Solder is a very soft metal that has next to no loading ability at all.

Now look at this next picture…

They show our superior snaps. They are either completely filled with brass or the hole is retained so the manufacturer can ensure the liquid melted brass has penetrated all the way through. We use no solder but all brass in these snaps, they are forged then braised into one using molten brass. Every single one of the leashes we sell comes with these quality snaps.


Good quality leather leashes with quality hardware make dog handling easy and safe. It is a once off cost to ensure you have a safe and quality leash for life, we frequently hear from customers who have had one of our leather leashes for many years, and are still delighted with the quality.

 See our leash selection here!

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