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Do I need to see a Dog Behaviourist?

What you will and won’t get with us… Steve won’t be talking about your aura, your energy or anything that isn’t based on reality, results or science. 

A Dog Behaviourist is someone who can understand the thought process of your dog.

Steve will only using evidence based results to develop and improve their behaviour modification techniques. He also won’t baffle you with jargon filled explanations to confuse you into thinking he knows something about dogs; you will instantly see what he knows about dogs when he handles yours.

Some people feel that they have made mistakes and are too scared or embarrassed to seek help, we won’t berate, belittle or pick fault with what you have done, we focus on moving forwards

Our behaviour consultations are private consults carried out in our private indoor training facility and our controlled private training field and they are based on assessing your dog and your goals or concerns and planning out a strategy to get you results.

We also run in home consultations and lessons and we have boarding kennels we use to provide Board and Rehab Services.

Steve is not interested in politics of any kind, we don’t care what breed of dog you have, who bred it, who said what about it or what tools you have used or won’t use, we simply look for the very best solution possible for you and your dog. He is a dog behaviourist, not a politician.

We offer real behaviour solutions that are based on three “R” principles: –

Risk Management
Risk Elimination

You will benefit from a uniquely designed management solution that will take effect immediately to make sure you have a strategy you’re comfortable with to address the major problem right away.

Further in the solution we provide is to have a risk elimination plan, which basically starts to implement safe practice right away, taking the pressure off you on day one.

Your Rehabilitation program will be designed around your available time; you won’t be slogging away many hours a day, our programs start at around 15 minutes input from you per day and will focus heavily on training your dog to learn impulse control, to self settle and not require your undivided attention.

Combined with the risk elimination and risk management system we design, from the day of the consult the problems with your dog start to show strong improvement in most cases and your stress, frustration and anxiety levels reduce.

Our primary goal is to get you feeling positive about your dog again and help you move to a happier place, and your dog too!

Our Behaviour Modification Techniques are based around proven systems such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Classical and Operant Conditioning, Desensitization and of course Counter Conditioning.

We use simple but practical exercises that empower you to help your dog gain confidence and work through behaviour problems and remove that “hopeless” and “lost” feeling people often become subject to

We can work in conjunction with your club, vet, trainer or our vet too if the problem is medical and requires medication. We also have professional boarding facilities for special needs dogs that mean we can board and train your dog too.

We will teach you the skills to handle, train and rehabilitate your own dog, not just to work for us in our environment, but to work for you in yours.

We aren’t method bound but use a variety of methods to achieve your goal in a way that you feel comfortable. We explain why we use these methods as well as how. We have strategies and techniques that cater for the softest to hardest dogs and the softest and hardest owners too!

Essentially though, you will see results…

We will teach you to understand your dog and your dog to understand you, and show you how to get results with patience and a calm sense of leadership. We don’t use “punishment” in our programs. We don’t teach you to yell at your dog like a drill instructor or to do anything that will negatively effect the bond and relationship between you and your dog.

We put forth strategies to help your dog want to shape its behaviours to line up with your goals, this is a pack structuring motivational system that is integral with all of our programs.

What we won’t do is fix your dog without your input, we won’t chase you after the consult to give us updates, we will give you unlimited email support for three months after the consult provided you give us a weekly update so we can continue to adjust your program.

Behaviour modification takes place when your dog learns to think differently, this will take time to make this new way of thinking the only way your dog thinks, in this time you must follow the program to the letter, you must report back to us weekly so that we can monitor your progress and adjust the program to your dogs alignment with the changes. If you don’t contact us until something goes wrong, this is where problems arise. Your dog has already learned to overcome the program and will be resilient to behaviour modification in the future, when you apply the same strategies again, they won’t give you the same results the second time around.

We will commit to helping you and your dog, we have had thousands of clients over many years that have pushed through and rehabilitated their dog with our help, but if you don’t commit to your dog, you will not get results. Simply bringing your dog to us will not change anything if you dont change.

If your dog has a behaviour issue, in many cases this will be driven by anxiety, stress or fear, this is not a comfortable way for your dog to live. When you brought this dog into your life, you made a commitment to your dog and you need to provide the care he or she needs. This dog is part of your family, call it a pack if you will but a pack is a family, you have the responsibility of your dog’s physical and mental health.

We don’t recommend euthanizing dogs that just don’t fit, regardless of the problem because we have seen the worst dogs turn into the best dogs with the right combination of effort from the owner and our programs.

No matter what your dog does, no matter how bad it is or isn’t, get an assessment before taking any action such as euthanizing your dog, get a professional opinion before killing your dog.

We won’t agree that the mystical farm is the best place for your dog. There is this mystical farm where people think that poorly behaved dogs will instantly behave and live happily ever after, this place does not exist! Farmers don’t want problem dogs any more than you do, problem dogs are often shot on farms, leaving only the well behaved dogs you see. It is your dog, your responsibility.

Here are ten final tips to help you help your dog: –
1. If you see your dog developing a behaviour that is not desirable, act now, don’t wait until it is a well rehearsed habit to seek help.

2. If you have chosen K9 Pro, you have chosen a Professional Company that other people have had great success with in treating many problems over many years. Word of mouth is gold, remember a happy client is one that was in the same position as you once, and no longer are…

3. When you chose us to help you, you need to commit to us alone, watch us work with you and your dog, ask the right questions and move forward with us. Taking half of what we say and half of what another says just leaves you confused with no one to turn to.

4. Apply the techniques you have been shown and advised to, do this to the best of your ability, practice and be the leader you need to be.

5. Communicate with us every week, we understand life gets in the way but failure does too. If it isn’t working, tell us, we will help!

6. We need weekly feedback so we can assess your progress, this is imperative to rehabilitating your dog. Your dog could have a medical issue which affects its behaviour, we can uncover this by hearing your feedback, certain changes in your dog at certain times in the program can help us diagnose these problems.

7. Don’t move along happily without giving us feedback, then email us in a rush when it has all fallen apart, our programs rely on adjustments periodically, not use until you see failure. Dog Behaviourists can’t read minds.

8. If we recommend ten things in our program, you must to do all ten. Picking the ones that suit you will not apply the necessary pressures on your dog to alter its behaviour. Do all or none. Commit yourself to the program and train regularly with commitment and investment, it will pay off.

9. Taking you on as a client and your dog as our “patient” means that we care about your dog, you will see that in the consult. Keep us updated and informed because are interested and invested in the progress of your dog.

10. Depending on many variables, you may need one behaviour consultation or you may need several. We are not to know this until we assess your dog and your situation. If you have an ongoing rehabilitation case running with us, you should attend one consultation at least every three months. We would be happy to support you longer than this but the advice we would be giving you would be on an assessment three months old.

It’s your dog, your responsibility, if you work with us, we will make your life better, and your dogs too!

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