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Measure Your dog for a Jafco Muzzle

The Jafco Muzzle is quite easy to fit and comfortable for your dog to wear, with some simple measurements you can choose your own from the product page.








Once you have the two measurements above, choose from the chart below.

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Your dogs nose length cannot be shorter than the actual muzzle length.

The measurements in the above chart are actual measurements of the muzzle.

The muzzle’s circumference must be larger than your dog’s nose circumference.

We recommend between 2 – 4 centimetres larger than your dog’s circumference measurement.

If the muzzle is the exact same size as your dog’s nose, the dog won’t be able to pant or even open its mouth.


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Correctly sized Jafco Muzzle




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  1. Hi
    I have just measured my Bull Mastiff. The problem I have is that his measurement around his muzzle is
    43cm and I noticed that the largest you have is 41cm and it advices I should also allow a few centimetres.
    The top of his nose to the bottom is 3 inches, so that part is no problem.

    I like the idea of the soft plastic as I don’t want him to look savage wearing a heavy leather muzzle. Is there anyway I could have one made in the same material as the Jafco Muzzle?

    Also Im not sure where you are based but Im in Qld, Australia.

    Thank you


  2. Hey Alisa, yes we can have them made no problem, be sure though your measurements are correct, 43cm around the muzzle is very big. Many Danes etc wear the size 5.

    If those measurement are correct we can have one made in the clear plastic, with either the single strap as you see or with a 3rd (forehead) strap for extra security.

    Usually takes about 3 – 4 weeks from order until you have it.

    Were in NSW Australia


  3. Hi,

    Just measuring up my female Dane and her circumference is 34cm. I just want to check that the size 5 will not be too big.


  4. Hi Steve,

    Her muzzle is approximately 10cm in length.

  5. Yes the size 5 would be the best fit.



  6. what would you recommend for a staffy cross, nose to stop 7 cm; muzzle circ 28 cm?

    thanks, rhonda

  7. Hey Rhonda, the 4S is the closet for for your Staffy πŸ™‚

  8. Hi there,

    I have a blue heeler who has a bit of a stubby nose. His circumference is 26cm and nose length 7cm. What size would you recommend? Also I read that you can get one made with a third forehead strap which is something i would be interested in if available.



  9. Hey James, the 3R is the best fit for your dog, and the R series IS a 3 strap standard.


  10. Hi,

    I have 2 dogs; an American Staffy with measurements of 7.5cm (length) x 31cm (circumference) and a Staffy X with measurements of 6cm (length) x 24.5cm (circumference).

    They have a tendency of late to fight each other.

    I was wanting to know if, barr caging them or tying them up (neither of which I am not fond of), would these muzzles be sufficient to stop them from biting each other and causing severe injury to one another? If they would, then can you please confirm the sizes I should be ordering for them.

    Thanks &


  11. Hey Janine, the 3R muzzles are about the closest fit and the R series have the forehead strap which makes them the most secure.

    They are suitable for bite prevention but personally I wouldn’t leave the dogs unattended with muzzles on.

    They would be suitable though for when you are there yes.

  12. Hi Steve, I have an American Bulldog, are your muzzels suitable for her? Is there anywhere we can go to try them on or is it purely an online store?

  13. They are available online only, if you take her measurements we should hopefully be able to help you.

  14. I am looking into purchasing the Jafco muzzle for my female staffy cross but am having trouble with the sizing. By my measurements her nose length is 8 cm and circumference is 25 cm. Can you please assist with size?

  15. Hi Alisa, they don’t make a muzzle for that size head, and there is no template big enough in the JAFCO, a leather or wire muzzle are the only options.

  16. Hi, I am very keen to have a Jafco Muzzle for my dog – she is a Rottweiler Ridgeback cross.
    Unfortunately her measurements don’t match up to the chart. She’s 8.25 cms. in length and 34 (with the extra cm’s added) in circumference. Would you have a muzzle to fit Roxanne. Fingers crossed.

    Best wishes,

    Sherri McIver

  17. I think a 3R would be an ok fit, as the muzzle needs to be shorter than the dogs actual muzzle measurements.

  18. Catherine Hardman

    Hi Steve,
    I would like to buy a Jafco muzzle for our dog who is a ‘bitsa’ bulldog/?American pitbull. His muzzle circumference is 33cm + snout length is 8cm. What size would you recommend?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  19. Hey Catherine, on your measurements, the 3R would be perfect!

  20. Hi there,

    I have a male Staffordshire x Lab, his measurements are a little outside your suggested size for the breed and was wondering if I could get some advice on the best size.

    He measures as follows:
    His muzzle length is: 8 cm
    His muzzle circumference is: 27cm


  21. please could you tell me if there if anywhere where I can order them from in the UK shipping costs are so high Dawn bEAVEN

  22. Hi Lucy I would think the 3R muzzle may be the closest fit.

  23. Sorry Dawn there is no where I know that sells Jafco in the UK, but if you email and ask Bec, she will be able to give you all the postage options.

  24. Hi. I have two Basenjis who have a tendancy to nip visitors and hence need some muzzles. I am looking at the Jafco clear muzzle. The male has a nose length of 7cm & circumference 20cm. The female has a nose length of 6.5cm & circumference 18-19cm. Will the size 1 be ok for both of them? I am a bit worried because you mention their nose length cannot be shorter than the actual muzzle length.

    • It is best if the muzzle is shorter than the dogs nose for sure, but when you cant get the fit other ways, you will need to suit the measurements best as possible. Yes I would go for size 1 on both dogs, if you find that the 1 is too big for your female, send it back and exchange for a size 0

  25. I am hoping to fit my small female staffy with a jafco muzzle. her muzzle length is 6cm and circumference is 24cm. Could you please advise if a Jafco muzzle will suit and what size to order.

  26. I have a 1yr old golden retriever. Her muzzle length is 8.5 cm and circumference 25 cm. should I get size 3? Does that allow enough room for panting?

  27. Hi Steve. We just measured our 1 year old GSD. Around her muzzle was 29cm and length 10cm. Not sure how we would fit into the chart above. What would you suggest?

    • Most GSDs fit into the size 3 but your measurements suggest that will be too small. I would (based on your measurements) go with the 3R

      • Thanks for that Steve. I re-measured my female GSD today with some help this time. The measurement around the muzzle is 26cm but the muzzle length is 10cm as before. Do you think still go with the 3R? Thank you so much for your help I really enjoy your site. Cheers Sharne

  28. Hi Steve, my Dogue De Bordeaux are 39cm measured circumference, and maybe 7cm length – with the undershot jaw it may be a little longer if I measure to his chin point rather than that the tip of his nose. Would a size 5 be ok, or is there another alternative?

  29. Hi Steve My American Staffie measurements are 7cm x 28cm can you recommend the right size muzzle.

  30. Hi Steve
    I’m looking to buy a muzzle for my female Malinois Charli. I havent measured her up yet but any idea as to which size would be best?

  31. Hi, could you please let me know which size would be right for my Labrador cross? Measurements are 8cm and 28cm. Thank you very much.

  32. Hi Steve,
    We have a very gentle natured springer spaniel cross border collie. We are planning to holiday in outback aus where there may be baits around. We want a muzzle to stop her from eating any poison.
    She has a measurement of 9cm from her eyes to her nose (not from her nose stop) and a circumference of 25cm. I would rather not have a 3 strap muzzle. What would you recommend?

  33. Hi Steve,
    I have an Australian/German Koolie x border collie. We’re in a rural area and his mother ate a 1080 bait and we’re trying to prevent him from doing the same (he’s 6 years old). I’m looking at the Jafco 2 strap for him. His measurements are muzzle length 10cm, circumference 27cm, would a size 3 be best for him?
    Thanks Helen

  34. Hi, I have a Ridgeback cross, nose length 9cm, muzzle 28cm. Will the size 4 be too big? Size 3 looks like it may be a little tight. I have had to go larger for other muzzle types and she has been able to get them off.
    Thanks Kelly

  35. Hi Steve,

    I have a 2-year-old English Mastiff male and his muzzle length is 9.5cms and circumference is 52cm. He has quite drooping jowls so I have made sure to include that in the measurement which is why it is so large. Is this the correct way to do it? I had purchased a muzzle from a pet shop in the past which was XL but it couldn’t comfortably fit his jowls in it. He weighs approx. 80kgs so he is a big boy. I would prefer a leather muzzle, how much would it cost to get one of this size made?


  36. We have two sharpei/kelpie crosses. It certainly wasn’t easy trying to measure them from eyes to end of nose was 7 to 7.5cm (no nose stop so full length). The circumference was 24cm for each but that was doing it loosely – not pulling in the loose skin around the face. I wasn’t sure whether I needed to measure tightly or not. Can you advise a size? I’ve purchased other brands in the past and although they looked like they fitted in length both dogs somehow pulled there noses back and pulled their faces out of the muzzles. Also if I do order the wrong size can I swap them over for the correct size or get a refund? thanks

    • Dogs with sort muzzles will need the three strap muzzles, being crosses means that there isn’t a recommended size. The fit should not be tight, so I would go for the Rottweiler muzzle.

  37. Hi Steve,
    I want to buy a muzzle for my 6 year old Siberian Husky. He is gentle but because of his large size, can play a little rough in his exuberance. I have measured his nose which is 11cm long from tip to stop and 31cms around the muzzle. I’m guessing a Jafco #4 would be the size but would probably need the extra Third strap, as he has been able to paw one off with just the strap behind the ears! Is one colour better than another, I notice you mention the clear plastic allows you to see how your dog is responding! Would appreciate your advice here!

    • Going by your measurements, the size 4 or possibly 5 would be the best, you really wont know until you try it on. We will happily exchange any wrong size for you.

      The clear is a softer plastic, so this is more comfortable for the dog to wear.

  38. Hi,
    I would like to purchase the plastic muzzle for my 7 month male German Shepherd.I suppose his size would be a 4, he is 33cm around the muzzle and 12cm is his nose length. I would like to know if I do buy it today could he still use it when he becomes an adult dog. Also could I order by phone or do I have to order online.
    Thank you

  39. Hi
    I have a rotty that im ordering a jafco muzzle for.
    Her measurements are length 9 cm and actual circumference 33cm (no allowance added)
    Which size should I order please?

    • The 3 R is generally the best for the Rott female, so I would start there, it will likely fit her well. If not we are happy to exchange

  40. Hi

    What would you recommend for a male staffy with measurements of 7cm and 25cm?


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