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The Case for Dietary Supplements

The movie Crossroads is loosely based on bluesman Robert Johnson, who, the story goes, sold his soul to the devil for musical greatness.  Of course, he had to pay up in the end. It’s a cautionary tale of trading almost-too-good-to-be-true gifts at a terrible cost.  Unknowingly, we’ve made the same fatal bargain and dragged our pet partners into the mess. This time, the devil is real. We sold our pet’s inner wildness for easy-living civilization.

The last 50 years – a blink of eye in time – has seen radical change in human and canine history. First the industrial, and then today’s digital revolution ushered changes too new for either species to keep pace. Food, lifestyle and the environment changed beyond recognition.


Humans and dogs joined forces long ago, each aiding the other’s early survival. 26,000 year old footprints of a young boy walking next to a large wolf-dog remain preserved in a French cave.  Dogs were the first and arguably the most important, animal domesticated.

Striking similarities between early man and wolves, then domesticated dogs, made the pairing inevitable.  Both lived in small, family groups, were daytime (diurnal) hunters of often the same game taken down with precise teamwork. Aunts and uncles stayed with the young, who were brought spoils of the hunt.

Dogs (canis lupus familaris) are a subspecies of wolves, sharing 99.96% of their DNA with gray wolves (canins lupus), which seems almost certainly to be their ancestor. The bodies might be Chihuahua or Great Dane, and may exhibit more puppy-like behavior, but canine genetics remains wild wolf.


I don’t have to tell you cancer rates, premature aging, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, obesity and joint problems grow daily for dogs. Dog Shows have become medical conventions. Chronic disease, rare in past, is now increasingly common. Dogs are dying younger.  Clearly, something dangerous is occurring.  It’s bad, getting worse by the day. Our dogs are under chemical attack.

Nobody can disagree with this; the best health problems are ones you prevent but right now, we’re not preventing much. We’re playing catch-up, chasing an explosion in cancer, premature death, ACL injuries and other formerly rare maladies.  Within a single lifetime, domestic dogs have degraded in front of our eyes.


Canine breeds have morphed through selective breeding, but the eons-old immune-system remains that of the wolf. The canine immune system adapted to combat physical threats in a long-gone pristine world, long before man made chemicals.

Wild life is difficult. Disease and predators are constant. Starvation is always around the corner. Wolves are opportunistic eaters and gorge whenever possible to store fat against famine (which their bodies believe are coming).  Their stress and immune system, perfectly tuned for wild life, are mismatched for today.

But instead of occasional predators, today’s threats are a constant stream of new man made chemicals. These chemicals emit invisible airborne molecules that enter the body. Once inside, they wreak havoc with hormone disruption and lowered immunity.


The “hardwired” canine immune system reacts to modern chemicals the same as old physical attacks.  Canine DNA cannot tell the difference between old and new threats. Immune fighters – limited in number – rush to counter threats which nowadays are chemicals.  Problem is, the immune system can’t keep pace with the ever-increasing chemicals attacks.

The overtime “burn rate” of immune system fighters surpasses the body’s ability to regenerate these beneficial molecules fast enough.  Immunity crashes, allowing opportunistic diseases take hold.  It’s a mismatch.  The canine immune system is too old and the chemicals too new.


Modern chemicals don’t cause canine disease per se. Instead, they trigger the dog’s body into spending its precious limited supply of immune boosters.  There are so many chemicals (the list grows daily) that the immune system becomes depleted then collapses.  That’s when disease can take hold fastest.

Dogs have become sitting ducks. They’re increasingly helpless against diseases for which they had protection before manmade chemical eroded their immune systems. Modern canine immune balances are overdrawn and the consequences are real.


It’s crazy! The modern chemicals created to make dog life healthier, in the end, make them sicker! We have met the enemy and it’s us!  The better-living-through-chemicals has backfired. The chemical chickens have come home to roost.


It’s not exotic or rare chemicals that depress immunity.  Common household and dog-related chemicals, plus pollution, are hidden contributors. Everyday  cleaning solutions, flea treatments and more are the hidden culprits.  These modern marvels seemed too good to be true and that’s because they are. Science now shows they depress immunity.


Admittedly, each chemical attack (and resulting immune system drain) may be minor. But 24/7 chemical exposure adds up to overwhelm the canine immune system.  It’s like death by a thousand cuts; no single attack is the tipping point- it’s the accumulative damage on your pet.

•    Vehicle exhaust: car & diesel
•    Plastic dog crates
•    Plastic collars & leashes
•    Flea-tick treatment: internal and external
•    Cushions: most contain flame retardants
•    High noise levels
•    Computer cases
•    Highly processed foods
•    Computer/mobile phone radiation
•    Beds, furniture & carpet: flame retardants
•    Air pollution
•    Cleaning liquids; chloramines, etc
•    Disinfectants


Science has identified a long (and growing) list of degenerative diseases and problems linked with chemical attacks and lowered immune systems. Oxidative stress, hormone disruption, weakened connective tissue, etc.

•    Cancer
•    Alzheimer’s/Dementia
•    Bacterial infections
•    Asthma
•    Cartilage loss
•    Muscle loss
•    Osteoporosis
•    Viral infections
•    Stroke
•    ACL weakening
•    Hearing loss
•    Diarrhea
•    Macular degeneration
•    Cataracts
•    Elevated estrogen
•    Elevated blood pressure
•    Obesity
•    Heart disease
•    Premature aging
•    Ulcers
•    Inflammation (CRP)


If you can’t pronounce the chemical, chances are the chemical is too new for the dog’s evolutionary design to recognize it and ends up unintentionally lowering immunity. Sorry, that’s the facts.

There are other immune lowering chemicals. Perhaps most common is PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether; C12H10−xBrxO (x = 1, 2, …, 10 = m + n)).  Flame retardants are the poster child of beneficial chemicals linked to unintended health risks. Closely related to PCBs – a known cancer causing chemical – PBDE are found just about everywhere and in ever-increasing levels in animals, fish and humans.


Flame retardants surround our friends. Dog bedding, clothing, carpets, furniture, mattresses, car seats and drapes, among other items, typically contain PBDE.  It’s wonderful this modern chemical resists burning. We have traded fire protection for lowered immunity.


Manmade chemicals and altered environmental factors are the problem. Nature is the cure. Animal Natural supplements help strength metabolic weak links caused from modern life.

Killing With Kindness. The more pampered the dog, the greater the risk of chemical attack with lowered shields. The mismatch of old canine immune shields and new chemicals makes your dog the loser. But Animal Natural products can help.


SUPERFUEL is the most advanced muscle performance enhancing formula in history. Like all our products, SUPER FUEL follows the 3 C’s:

COMPARE SMELL & TASTE – Put SUPER FUEL next to any other K9 bodybuilder supplement and watch which they choose every time.

COMPARE PERFORMANCE – New nitric oxide hemodialtors, micellar caseins, low glycemic carbs, plant-based estrogen blockers, endogenous double-action creatine and more, boost muscular performance to higher levels. Beyond question, K9 SUPER FUEL is the most effective for increasing canine performance today…or ever.

COMPARE VALUE – Consumers get more for their money and they know it. More of today’s best supplements are built-in, producing noticeable effects fast. So they don’t have to add in effective products others leave out.

Hours of Power! Animal Naturals K9 SUPER FUEL, dog supplement is an advanced muscle performance formula. Animal Naturals K9 SUPER FUEL super octane strength fuel component generates more muscle power, for longer, with less fatigue. Special muscle fuels drive higher intensity movements, plus neutralize lactic acid. Faster ATP regeneration enables muscle fiber to fire even during anaerobic conditions. Power through the hardest workouts while others fade!

K9 Pro stock K9 Super Fuel here.

K9 SUPER FUEL Total K9 Bodybuilder
• Support Muscle Tissue
• Fuel Energy & Endurance
• Improve Recovery
• Support Immune System
• Boosts overall health
• Gluten Free


NEXT BEST THING TO MOM Puppies grow healthiest and best on mother’s milk. Science has decoded the immunity and growth secrets in canine milk to reveal over 1,000 bioactive properties. PUPPY GOLD recreates canine milk to promote immunity, stronger joints and lean growth.

“SWISS ARMY KNIFE” OF NUTRITION PUPPY GOLD contains canine milk’s bioactive proteins, micellar casein, colostrum, glucosamine and more to give a giant head start in life. We even include canine milk’s awesome immune factors, including lactoferrin. PUPPY GOLD helps produce not just healthier puppies, but healthier, longer living adults.

FOR MOM, TOO! The same nutrients that help puppies after birth help them grow inside mom. Feeding PUPPY GOLD to mothers helps produce healthier, more robust puppies and a stronger mom. Mothers look great during pregnancy & nursing and snap back almost fast.

NO MORE RUNTS – PUPPY GOLD supplies every pup the pick of the litter’s share of immune, joint and growth nutrients. Because they get their fair share, even small puppies can catch up and express their true (formerly hidden) genetic potential. No more runts!

K9 Pro stock K9 Puppy Gold here.


IMPROVE ON GENETICS? If your dog wasn’t born with perfect genetics, SHOW STOPPER can help.  20 years of research uncovered the secrets of genetically blessed dogs, and how advanced nutrition can help recreate those advantages. SHOW STOPPER improves coat, muscle and mental function in any dog, providing benefits that Nature previously reserved for those lucky few. SHOW STOPPER proves champions are made as well as born.

ALL-IN-ONE SUPPLEMENT – Save up to 50% on Today’s best natural supplements combined in a single delicious, money saving formula.   Perfect ratios multiply the effectiveness of each built-in supplement. Save by replacing these products:
•    Coat  Omega 3, 6, DHA & more
•    Vitamins/Minerals Freshest, most bioavailable
•    Dietary fibers
•    MSM, FOS, Hyaluronic Acid!
•    Antioxidants Blueberries, grape seed—even lycopene plus much more.

STUNNING LOOKS REFLECT INSIDE HEALTH – Gorgeous coat, solid physique, rock solid joints and boundless energy are so striking it literally stops the show. These coat and body benefits result from inner health. This striking improvement for exotic show dogs benefits pets, too.

STRONGER MUSCLES = BETTER HIPS – Hip muscles are the frontline in preventing canine hip dysplasia (CHD). Studies reveal hip health directly relates to pelvic muscle mass development. The greater pelvic muscle mass & strength supporting hip joints, the lower the chance of CHD. You can’t change your dog’s genetics, but SHOW STOPPER helps improve lumbar muscle development, increasing odds of lifelong hip health.

K9 Pro stock K9 Show Stopper here.


Add more years to your dog’s life, more life to your dog’s years! While humans live longer than ever, some breeds seem to die younger. Whether the cause is free radical damage, or hormone imposters from synthetic chemicals, today’s dogs may be aging prematurely fast. Luckily, scientists have begun to unlock the biological basis of aging at the molecular level. More important, researchers have developed 100% natural nutrition strategies to address these processes. YOUNG AT HEART uses these “life extension” advances with the goal of optimizing. But YOUNG AT HEART is not just about helping dogs live longer, it’s about living better.

Designed to help fight the two major culprits of aging:, muscle loss (sarcopenia) and lowered immunity (GSH).

Help dogs’ look and feel their best – at any age. Young At Heart includes a wide array of natural factors meant to support good health and long life.

 K9PRO Stock Young at Heart here.

Bob Fritz

Founder Animal Naturals

Read more about Bob here.

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