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Canine Fitness Program

This is a hard one to write as we all have different goals for our dogs, I want my Malinois to be fit, have stamina and endurance and by super strong and conditioned, so you may not do as much as me of some times of work.


I am going to list what I would do some days with Venom, I say some days as firstly I don’t work him every day, but give him a chance to recover, usually 2 days a week or more if I am so busy I don’t have the time.

This is a lot of work, but Venom is pretty fit so he copes with it quite easily, but this is something that he has worked up to.

So start slow and don’t over do it!

There are lots of ways to get your K9 Buddy fit, here is a blog that has some ideas!

We would love to hear how you train fitness in your dog! So post a reply below!



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