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  1. I’d be super interested in this course for a Malinois pup I’m getting in 6 weeks but it seems as nobody from your organisation replies to emails. I’ve sent a few emails regarding getting a pup from you guys but to no avail, and now it seems that nobody is going to my emails regarding trading. I sought you guys out because a lot of people hold you in very high regard and have met dogs who have been trained by you in the past also so I really do hope someone gets back to my emails ASAP as I’d hate to have to go elsewhere if my custom is not wanted. No offence meant just a little confused that’s all.

    • What email address are you using Robert? My staff book lessons every day via email, perhaps there is a spam issue. I have asked them to email you though.

    • I just checked with the office Robert, the first email you sent was at 4:21pm on the 15/03/16. The office replied the next day.

      The next email you sent was on a Saturday and office replied Monday morning. Bookings is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST.

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