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16 Week Challenge -Online Course

The 16 week Challenge is our online puppy Raising Program. Designed by Steve Courtney to help you raise the best dog you will ever own and avoid common pittfalls that can occur when raising a puppy

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  1. I’d be super interested in this course for a Malinois pup I’m getting in 6 weeks but it seems as nobody from your organisation replies to emails. I’ve sent a few emails regarding getting a pup from you guys but to no avail, and now it seems that nobody is going to my emails regarding trading. I sought you guys out because a lot of people hold you in very high regard and have met dogs who have been trained by you in the past also so I really do hope someone gets back to my emails ASAP as I’d hate to have to go elsewhere if my custom is not wanted. No offence meant just a little confused that’s all.

    • What email address are you using Robert? My staff book lessons every day via email, perhaps there is a spam issue. I have asked them to email you though.

    • I just checked with the office Robert, the first email you sent was at 4:21pm on the 15/03/16. The office replied the next day.

      The next email you sent was on a Saturday and office replied Monday morning. Bookings is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST.

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