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16 Week Challenge -Online Course

The 16 week Challenge is our online puppy Raising Program. Designed by Steve Courtney to help you raise the best dog you will ever own and avoid common pittfalls that can occur when raising a puppy

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Canine Fitness Program

This is a hard one to write as we all have different goals for our dogs, I want my Malinois to be fit, have stamina and endurance and by super strong and conditioned, so you may not do as much as me of some times of work.   I am …

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Foods that Spell DANGER to dogs and cats

Whilst some foods are great for us humans, they may be harmful or even toxic to our dogs and cats… Onions and Garlic It is well known that Onions can be fatal to dogs and cats.  This is because onions destroy red blood cells and can cause anemia, weakness, and …

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