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Boarding Kennel

Boarding Kennel

We have a small boarding kennel that specialises in boarding dogs in our rehabilitation programs and of course other dogs.

Each kennel run is quite large, 22 plus square metres per dog in fact!

This gives your dog room to move around in our very clean, highly sanitised facility.

  • Fitted out with the highest quality beds and being fully insulated means nice temperatures all year round, with an indoor section for each dog.
  • Misting systems activate in higher summer temperatures cooling the kennel blocks right down.
  • Solid epoxy floors that can be cleaned and sanitised efficiently.
  • Floor to ceiling steel panels and mesh cannot be climbed, chewed or escaped from.
  • These kennels are designed with high security as the priority.
  • Our exercise yards are meshed with heavy duty secure mesh, 3 metres tall
  • Concrete pathways near fences so no digging and grassed in the centre covered by shade mesh.
  • Dogs are not run together, ever.
  • Your dog will be safe, clean and secure in our facility.
  • All the dogs that stay with us are fed a nutritious raw diet, fresh beef, chicken etc or we can feed your provided diet if you prefer.
  • Our staff are all experienced trainers or in training to become trainers under Steve’s guidance, so your dog will only be handled by experienced people.
  • Dogs have their own private rooms and each kennel run is designed so that neighbouring dogs cannot see yours, fence fight or intimidate your dog.
  • Soft music is played 24/7 to keep the environment calm and quiet.
  • Many dogs that we board for rehabilitation are very aggressive towards other animals and people and them being housed securely is imperative.

We understand sending your dog to be boarded can be an anxious time for you but know that dogs that stay here are well cared for and our ratio of staff to dogs is the lowest you will find, anywhere.

If you are looking for a company that can take care of your special needs dog or just your special dog, call us and we can help make their stay easy, stress free and safe.

Steve has written an article (here) that might help you feel more comfortable.

If you would like to find out more, give us a call Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm or shoot us an email right now on and we can help you with any questions.