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The High Intensity Experience

I chose to travel interstate with my dog Reilly to see Steve with some problems we had been having with Reilly’s bolting and general disinterest in working with me. I had taken a look at some of the other behaviourists and trainers in our state but found most of them …

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Henna and Jaime

When I first contacted Steve I had no idea what I was going to be in for. Training In Drive (TID), I thought, I’ll give it a go, it will be some quickie course in how to convert my dog from the insecure quiet runt of the litter to a …

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Farewell Gus

Gus Hendry 2002 – 2011 RIP Gus Gus throughout his life was challenged by some medical issues that he finally got a break from just a few weeks ago. His owner, partner, combatant, challenger lol Trish had shared so many great times with Gus, he is sorely missed. He was …

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Vicki and Bo Miller

What made you choose K9 Pro to consult with for training? I was having some major behavioural issues with my recently adopted rescue border x kelpie, Bo – particularly controlling and managing his on-leash behaviours. A good-natured dog in every other sense, Bo was, however, reactive to almost anything and …

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Heather and Skye

Two weeks ago we returned from our 2-day intensive training course with Steve and the increased motivation in both Skye and myself has exceeded even my expectations. From the reactive, uncontrollable brat that lunged and barked at every other dog within a mile radius a year ago, to the focused, …

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