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Some of the questions we have had before

Q. My puppy does not like his/her crate.

A: This is normal, with adult dogs we give them a lot of time to get used to the crate, mainly because the dog is previously toilet trained, we don’t have that luxury with pups. We need to persevere with this though, giving in to a whinging/crying pup will only teach the pup that making these noises will get the pup what he wants.

Q. My pup vomited today, is this a problem?

A. At any time you think your pup is seriously ill, you should not seek advice from anyone but a “trusted vet”. Having that said, pups will scoff food, eat more than they should and not rest after eating, all these can cause vomiting and there is nothing to worry about.

Q. My vet says there is something wrong with my pup and it needs surgery, x rays or something else that is non reversible.

A. Know that there are some super vets out there that will be honest with you each and every time you visit them. Unfortunately there are more crooks and those who have developed strategies to increase revenue.

Your puppy was vet checked and also structurally assessed at 7 weeks of age and passed with great reports, or we would not have sold you the pup.

If your vet advises any surgery, x rays or invasive treatment, CALL ME BEFORE PROCEDING. No matter how much they try and convince you, call me. Once the procedure is done it cannot be undone.

Q. I am having problems toilet training my pup

Q. I am having trouble with my pup being destructive or biting

A. These problems almost always relate back to management or the lack there of. People who have decided against crate training or having an exercise pen in their house almost always have these issues.

Our dogs live in our house and my dog Venom goes everywhere I go that I can take him, but causes none of these problems. Follow the program.

Q. My Vet is pushing me to desex my pup?

A. There is overwhelming evidence that proves that early desexing will alter your dogs life span and health, your vet either does not know about this research or wants the $400 plus dollars for desexing.

Desexing your dog will void any hip and elbow guarantees from us. If your vet pushes, find a new vet.

Q. I have read your advice on Raw Diets but I am concerned that I am not going to cover all bases nutritionally?

A. The article I have written on feeding your puppy will cover all your pup needs but we do strongly recommend supplementing your dogs diet with the following: –

The dog is too heavy – Remove Super Fuel and replace with Peak Muscle.

People see our dogs and want that power and performance, but want to feed kibble and no supplements, it just doesnt work that way. We use these supplements as we have a High Performance breed that needs high performance fuel.

Q. My vet advises against Raw Feeding.

A. Most vets who say this sell kibble. They have a vested interest in driving you toward a highly profitable product. The nutritional information taught to vets is provided by kibble manufacturers free to the educational departments who offer vet education.

I have fed all my dogs on Raw Diets for 20 plus years and have dogs that live a long life with rarely a health concern.

Do your research.

Q. Dog parks…

A. No. A large percentage of the Behaviour Consults I do every week are generated by events that have occurred in a dog park. The dogs I breed are very high drive dogs, if you let them loose in a dog park before they are socialised you may end up with a Malinois that likes to hunt other dogs.

They are often full of people who feel that letting their dog loose in a  dog park a couple of times a week is a good life. Their dogs extract enjoyment out of other dogs at their expense.

I know hundreds of dog trainers from novice to world champions, none use dog parks.

Q. When I go on holidays, where will I board my dogs.

A. We have built a kennel that suits the dogs I breed and other high drive dogs. I would recommend that you (where possible) board your dog with us (or another suitable place) a couple of times before the dog turns one year old. Just for a couple of days.

The purpose is to get your dog to understand you will come back. This will give you the freedom to have holidays when you need them.

Boarding kennels that cater for hundreds of dogs either running together or with only chain wire between are not likely going to be suitable for a high drive dog.

Q. My dog has diarrhea, what should I do?

A: There are several types and the effect they will have on a puppy is greater than an adult.

Loose or runny brown – Miss a meal and the next few meals feed a bland cooked chicken and raw carrot diet.

Brown water – Increase fluids and ensure your puppy is drinking, corn flour and water mix is good for helping here but if the pup is not improving in 4 hours, vet.

Pink, red, blood – This indicates something is wrong in digestive and or intestinal tract, vet right away.

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