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Dogsports Training information

Competing in dogsports can be a very rewarding and challenging activity, getting it right may be something else altogether…

There are a million ideas and methods that float around about the best ways to train exercises and get your dog ready to compete, but sifting through these can end up placing you in a situation ofdogsports “information overload” and we may be even more lost than you were before.

I don’t claim to be better than anyone else, but I do have a complete training system that can teach you the motivational concepts of Training in Drive and how to apply these techniques to your chosen Dogsports.

You don’t need to have a certain amount of experience or knowledge to start, I have started with first time dog owners and also with highly successful competitors and gained excellent improvements with all.

There are two ways we can proceed in training, the first is that I help you solve a problem or two and you proceed from there, the second is a complete installation of my Training in Drive System into you and your dog/s and we would retrain all of the exercises and generate a useable amount of drive that can motivate your dog into delivering a ring winning performance.

Expect to learn the complete concept of building a dog with a super work ethic with aspects of: –

  • Develop drive
  • Marker – Communication Systems
  • Focus and impulse control
  • Diet, exercise and management for the performance dog
  • Learn how to truly reward your dog – Reward types, placement, delivery, excitement and permission loading

dogsports Steve says “We have a Team of Obedience competitors known as TEAM K9PRO, these are a Team of dedicated crazy dog people that train with me exclusively, and I am very proud of each and every one of them.”

Team K9Pro have a “chapter” with members in NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and New Zealand!

Steve specialises in building drive and motivation in dogs, communication and engagement and focus and positions.

Private lessons can be geared toward locating and solving just one area of your performance or start to finish programs that will take you from beginner to competitor.

We can add drive to your routine and leave you to train the positions or design the whole package, your choice.