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Life Skills

Life Skill Lessons are a combination of many things, from learning how to be calm around other dogs and people, to strolling along without pulling on the leash, and everything in between.

The first things Steve will do is discuss with you what problems your having, what behaviours your dog is or refuses to display and from there he can begin to assess the dogs temperament.

No two people are the same and this goes the same for dogs, we don’t have a one size fits all training program, our solutions are tailored to your needs.

The session may include some behaviour modification, an adjustment to the dogs expectations, some remedial training and or teaching of new skills.

Rewarding a dog (reinforcement) increases the dogs desire to repeat the behaviour, most people know this but few can get the relationship working on this premise alone. Steve has developed loads of cool, fun programs and games that can help you reconnect with your dog and get training moving forwards.

Life Skills may be best described as “teaching your dog how to live in your world”.

Things that might help are: –

  • Learning to walk calmly on a leash.
  • Learning how to ignore visitors to your house.
  • Learning manners around food and toys.
  • Appropriate behaviour inside the home.
  • Coming when called, no matter where you are or what is going on.
  • Learning manners and impuluse control around, food, toys, dogs and cats.
  • Waiting, for anything that currently over excites your dog.

Take action now!

Why suffer any longer? The longer your dog rehearses the behaviour the more habitual it becomes. This means that as soon as you see a problem developing, address it right away.

The myth that a dog will grow out of a behaviour, just stop without your guidance etc. is just that, a myth.

Repetition is one of the most powerful reinforcers, if your dog is doing something that is even slightly concerning, avoid development of this problem by getting early intervention.

Take advantage of repetition, make your dog good at practicing the behaviours you now like.

What can Steve help you with?

The answer is that Steve is highly experienced in working with all behavioural, psychological and training problems in dogs. An added benefit is that Steve is also a dog trainer for performance and working dogs so he can bring to the table this experience when dealing with your dogs problems.

Steve has a family of 3 children and works a full time plus job of working with people and their dogs, so the solution he will give you will be something you CAN do.

Steve will take into consideration your available time and work within those guidelines.

  • Aggression & Fighting

    Seems to be more and more common every day, it can stem from fear, predatory instinct or even just be a learned behaviour.

    Regardless of why it is being displayed in your dog, it is, so it needs to be addressed.

    Consider that the laws in our country mean that aggressive acts by dogs attract heavy penalties.

  • Anxiety and Fearfulness

    Dogs that are anxious often display many surface behaviours such as aggression, re activity and other anti social behaviours such as resource guarding, barking, submissive urination and excessive licking.

    Anxiety in most cases can be cured or at least better managed in some dogs.

    Anxiety untreated will always get worse.

  • Energy

    Most dogs are higher energy than their owners, now that doesn’t mean that these dogs should go to “the farm”, but instead it means they need to be taught when the right time and place for high energy is.

    The key to a good “off switch” is a good “on switch”. Teach your dog when high energy is welcome and enjoy some calm time then too.

  • Teaching

    Perhaps when your dog was young, he or she didn’t learn the right way to do things? Steve can teach the right ways and also offer remedial solutions to reverse the past!

    People have brought Steve dogs that all others have turned away and he moved through training fast and effectively.

  • Boredom Driven Behaviours

    Digging, barking, hyper activity, disobedience and destructive behaviours all can stem from boredom.

    Most dog behaviour solutions are to do more with your dog, but you already do plenty, are time poor or just physically cannot do any more?

    We don’t prescribe “exercise” as a cure…

  • Unexplained Behaviours?

    Sometimes dogs have their own agenda, this doesn’t mean they are o.k though sometimes what seems to be harmless behaviours form a foundation for something you really don’t want.

    A good example is using a laser pointer to get your dog to chase the red dot. Great fun, good exercise and your dog loves it, right?

    Wrong! This type of stimulus can generate Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. What seems harmless may not be.

What we won’t do…

We won’t have you making weird “Bah” sounds at your dog, rolling them on their backs or hissing like Cesar, we don’t believe that every problem is related to your leadership or the lack thereof.

We won’t leave you wondering what is next and we won’t leave you on your own.

After the initial consult we will forward you a written program specific to your dog and situation and we give you 8 weeks email support as well.

We are about Drive – Passion and Knowledge and you should EXPECT RESULTS!

So if you would like our help or just some more information, just email us and we will get right back to you. Email us on

Or if you prefer to speak to a real live person, give us a call between 9 and 5 any weekday, our experienced people will be happy to give you any details you need or give you advice on how best we can help you. 

Our office number is 02 45 789 789 or if your calling internationally,

it’s 612 45 789 789.