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Why choose Steve?

Why choose Steve Courtney?

It’s no surprise that there is no shortage of dog trainers and those that call themselves dog trainers, coaches, behaviourists, dogSCV whisperers and other things they think will make you trust them.

So how do you tell which one will suit your needs?

Steve wrote an article back in about 2002 called “How to choose a dog trainer”. You know, not much has changed…

Steve says this “When it is all said and done, there are going to be people who are closer, cheaper, more available, have better websites etc… but in the end, I will fix the dogs no one else wants to work with.

It may take more than a hand full of tasty treats, the dogs owner will need to commit to the training, but regardless of breed, age or the crime, I will get the dog there.

When it comes to performance, drive is my thing and drive gets dogs going very well. I have learned how to find and develop drive in the least likely candidates and get dogs performing at their best.

I think though prevention is always going to be the best strategy and I have dedicated a lot of time over the past two decades into research and development on breeding, imprinting and raising the best problem free, environmentally sound dogs genetics can make.

Spend some time reading Steve’s Blog, Facebook page and Knowledge base and you will find that there is one very big thing missing from all his media outlets. There are no posts, articles or rants about his competitors weaknesses, faults and mistakes.

He doesn’t spend his time telling you how much better he is than the others, he doesn’t spend paragraphs on all the things the other guys do wrong. He doesn’t work the camera or have his smiling face all over the internet hugging dogs.

Instead, he trains dogs and people, works with people and dogs and when he isn’t working with people and dogs he is with his own dogs and people.

When I came to work at K9 Pro it was made very clear “we don’t do that…“. I was told we never criticize, slander or bad mouth any other person in our field, it’s unprofessional and unnecessary Steve said. “There are too many people who replace skill with propaganda, don’t be one of them.

Train dogs“, he said, “be good at it, that is all you will need. Get your game on and then you will have no reason to knock people off theirs“.

I watch people arrive with dogs that no one can get near,very often Steve is walking them calmly on a loose leash a few minutes later. Owners cry, hug him and cannot believe what he can do, when I train with him, sometimes I can’t either.

Why Steve? I have been to many workshops,seminars and training courses by other trainers, I have also been to many of Steve’s and I never found anyone I feel comes close to matching his skills.

Promoting Steve is easy, his experience is so vast, he works dog after dog at workshops on any topic and he makes them all look good, very fast.

It has taught me this, when I see anyone hating on people in their field, copying them or criticizing them, I avoid that person now. I know that the true masters do not think about others, attack or compete with them, they are on their own path.

Here are some things that people say about Steve after working with him…

“Steve explains things to you like he wants to understand him, whilst other trainers I have met seem to string as many technical terms as they can into every answer, they seem to want to confuse you and make you think they are smarter than you are…”

“Steve has a way with dogs, he took my dog by the leash and kept explaining how the training would work, all the while my dog was doing everything Steve asked like it was Steve’s demo dog, not my difficult dog!”

“I was immersed in Steve’s explanations and work with my dog, I glanced at the clock and we had gone 40 minutes over time, I started to feel bad but Steve assured me he was more than happy to give me the time I needed to understand… no extra charge.”

“Here is my little take on Steve…he’s a man of conviction, a man of knowledge and a man with a wonderful sense of humour and compassion. The more time I spent around him, the more I was in awe. He has a way like no other trainer I had come across, not only in terms of his knowledge and passion of dogs, but of human nature in general…his guidance reaches far beyond dog training, he’s in many ways a life coach too.”

“We simply do not have words to express our gratitude and awe – funnily enough, neither do our dogs. We had a very calm drive back to Canberra, where they waited without a peep in the car as we set up their new crate homes. Importantly we feel we have the confidence and tools to build on today’s work. Thanks again!”

Steve is qualified, accredited, experienced, instinctual, skilled and capable and he cares if you and your dog are doing well.

Steve will work with you and your dog to give you the very best outcome. He wants you to do well.

Dog Sports

Dog Sports Competitor?

Steve is well known for producing outstanding results in the Competition Obedience World. His Training in Drive program is second to none.

If you compete and feel your dog isn’t giving 110%, if your slaving away and getting nowhere, you owe it to yourself to book a lesson with Steve and let him show you what your dog is capable of.

Programs are fun, energetic, non repetitious motivational concepts and games.

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Master Class

OK so you know how to teach your dog to sit, but is the technique your using producing the end result you dream of?

Want to know how professional trainers teach positions? Or how to set that perfect “head up” heel position with “vertical gate?

If you don’t know what these terms mean you need to get yourself along to a Master Class.

Learn the tips, tricks and secrets that produce those ring winning results!

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