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Feeding your pup

Feeding your Pup


There are many pet food companies with shiny bags offering eternal life and health by simply buying their processed products, but is it all true? Here is an interesting link that is worth reading.

I believe the single most important thing there is to your pups life span is going to be its diet, might be yours too!

I have fed my dogs a Raw Diet in many forms for over 20 years now and I believe this is the best for my dogs. All puppies bred by me are weaned onto a Raw Diet starting at 21 days old. This is mainly made from raw beef, raw eggs and K9 Puppy Gold.

By day 30 they are given raw chicken frames and brisket bones also.

Yes vets have told me not to feed raw meat, yes I have been told that raw chicken will make my dogs sick, no I don’t believe any of that.

When your puppy comes home, I feel the best choice of diet is the Raw Diet and I am going to give you some guidelines here as to what and how to feed your pup.

8 weeks – 26 weeks.

This is a young pup that needs good nutrition, calcium and other minerals and trace elements to help grow, develop and fuel your pup.

Your pup also needs fat (more than an adult dog) to generate energy.

First you need to figure out how much food and a guideline is that, your 8 week old puppy will eat 4 – 5% of his or her bodyweight per day.

This will depend highly on how much exercise your puppy gets also.

I would make this food up a couple of times per week and just separate it into bags for daily use, those that feed their dogs by hand and not from a bowl will feed most of the meat by hand and the supplements, bones etc in a bowl.

Beef 70% of meal

I use chuck steak, bolar blade etc chopped into pieces. If you use mince it should not be the premium low fat mince.

Chicken or Turkey Neck or Frame 10% of meal

Puppy needs the harder type food to clean teeth, digestive system and provide calcium, phosphorus and mineral elements.

Fish 5% of meal

I use an oily fish that helps put Omegas into my pups. Canned Sardines in oil is a great and cheap way to do this.

Organs / Offal 5% of meal

Kidney, liver, brains, green tripe or all great sources to help promote ultimate health through digestive health.


I add raw egg including shell, grated raw – carrot, apple, natural yogurt, sweet potato, pumpkin. I use don’t use all these vegetables every day, but these are the vegies I do use.


K9 Puppy Gold from 8 weeks until 26 weeks. I use Coconut oil,vitamin e etc also.

Putting all that into plan it would look like this.

Puppy is 10kgs means food will weigh 5% of that, IE 500 grams total.

300 grams chuck steak cut into small cubes for training or into bowl.

1 x 50 gram chicken neck into bowl

1 x 50 gram can of sardines in oil into bowl

1 x raw egg into bowl

1 tablespoon of grated raw pumpkin

1 x scoop puppy gold, 1 x teaspoon coconut oil, 1 x vitamin E gel cap punctured and squeezed over food in bowl.

Mix the bowl ingredients up and separate the 300 grams of beef into 6 x 50 gram bags for training. These can be blanched in boiling water for 3 seconds so you won’t get blood stains all over your gear from the meat.

If you choose not to increase and develop your dogs food drive and wish to feed from a bowl, then you should feed your pup at least twice a day until 26 weeks.