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Getting a Puppy?

Getting a Puppy?


When Steve started training dogs, 99% of his work was “on demand” or “reactive” to the dogs behaviour. In other words, people would have a dog problem and call Steve after the problem. Now when getting a puppy, they are thinking ahead.

These days many people are becoming more pro active and actually coming to see Steve before they are getting a puppy and sometimes even choosing the breed. This is an incredibly smart thing to do!

If you would like to see the options we have for you, look at this page (Puppy Development) if your getting a puppy.

Getting a puppyWhen you are getting a puppy, you are taking on responsibility for a life for upwards of ten years, people need to put more thought into this and enlist professionals before getting the puppy, rather than when it all goes wrong.

Recently a friend said to Steve that he was looking for a puppy and had chosen a litter of pups. The friend had some pretty high expectations for this puppy to fulfill and the litter really was not suitable for what the guy wanted. He said to Steve that he was confused as to what to do, Steve said “well if you are going to be relying on me to help you make this puppy the star dog you dream of, best get me involved at the beginning, not when you fail“.

Steve has been doing this all of his life, he knows breeders who breed exceptional dogs and who are genuine and honest to deal with and of course there are many that he doesn’t know that are also excellent. Feel free to discuss your plans with Steve before getting a puppy, this step may really help or save you from many years of hardship.

We have people who get a puppy and send an email to book a lesson, know that Steve is usually booked out for a number of weeks, if your getting a puppy in a month, lets book you in now.

If you come to see Steve before getting the puppy, he can set you up a Puppy Management and Training Plan that can even deliver you a great nights sleep the first night puppy arrives home. Do you know that if your puppy cries out or screams and you go and see what the matter is, you are reinforcing the behaviour?

Our plans include how to help the puppy feel safe and comfortable and leave you feeling confident there is no need to worry, vocalisation doesn’t get reinforced. Many problem barking cases SteveGetting a puppy works with were created the first night home!

The relationships people build with their dogs that scream and bark often have foundations on frustration, so there is no reliable recall, not reliable obedience and barking.

Training begins the moment you meet your puppy, not after day 3 when you find some food treats, but the moment you meet. Come and see us and be prepared how to meet your puppy and start training and bonding.

Learn proper socialisation techniques and concepts so that you can help your puppy adjust into the society you live in. Teach your dog how to behave around other people and other dogs, jumping all over people is cute as a puppy but not so nice as an adult, the dogs only crime is growing up.

Starting off on the right food can mean that even a “below average”, or nervous puppy can be an outstanding companion when they grow up, but left unresolved though they can be a fearful and phobic mess.

You will learn to apply techniques and concepts such as:-

  • How to socialise your puppy to meet your end goals
  • How to establish a communication system that you can use anywhere, anytime, for life.
  • Management of a puppy between training sessions
  • How to set up and plan a training session
  • House training aspects such as toilet training, crate training etc
  • How to teach your dog how to learn
  • How to develop drive and motivation in your puppy

Services we offer for soon to be puppy owners are:-

  • Source, temperament test and select the right puppy for your goals
  • Develop a training and management strategy to drive the puppy to meet your goals
  • Lessons on how to properly socialise your dog and not develop problems through over socialisation
  • Breeders courses on temperament selection for breeding, selection and allocation
  • Breeders courses on developing and imprinting a litter between 0 – 8 weeks
  • Early intervention for puppies that are displaying concerning behaviours.

If you need help finding a puppy, managing and or training your puppy, try to be as pro active as you can, the best time to start training your puppy is the moment you meet, the next best time is now.

If you would like to see the options we have for you, look at this page (Puppy Development).

Why not call our office and speak to a real live person, 9 – 5 Monday to Friday on 02 45 789 789,

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