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Rebecca Chin

Rebecca Chin, Dog Trainer

Rebecca Chin
Bec and Wisdom

Bec first started her interest in dog training with her Siberian Husky, Micha. She quickly progressed and wanted to learn more and so she took her Beagle (The Evil Beagle Daisy) to her local dog training club.

When she wasn’t getting a lot of success, she came along to one of Steve’s training seminars he was holding in Queensland and she told of a Beagle that could not be trained by any man.

Steve not being one to avoid ANY challenge suggested that he without a doubt could train said Beagle and Bec took him up on the challenge. Much to Steve’s regret at times!

It was not long before the Evil Beagle was displaying snappy obedience and impressive heel work in Steve’s training in drive program.

Bec was soon asked to be an instructor at her club but kept in touch with Steve K9 PRO for her training guidance.

In 2011 Bec began working for K9PRO and not long after moved to Sydney to work full time in a number of roles from marketing to assisting Steve with training. Since then, Steve has been mentoring Bec and guiding her on the training of her dogs and clients dog.

Bec now works as a trainer here at K9PRO and takes on many of Steve’s follow up consults, board and train dogs and her own clients. She also runs all of our puppy training consults.

Bec is highly skilled at: –

*Assisting clients learn and adhere to the behaviour programs Steve writes

*Teaching, training and proofing Life Skills needed for pet owners to exist in harmony with their dogs

*Behaviour modification of aggression and aggression related behaviours

*Family Obedience Training and canine management

Bec also owns and trains two Malinois, Nordenstamm Wisdom BH and Herzhund Blaze of Glory which she trains for a number disciplines.