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Steve Courtney Bio

Steve Courtney Bio

Nationally Accredited Dog Obedience Trainer
Nationally Accredited Canine Behaviour Specialist
Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Dog Trainer
ANKC Registered Breeder

Career Highlights…

  • *Steve holds formal qualifications as a Nationally Accredited Canine Behaviour Specialist, Obedience Dog Trainer, Law Enforcement Trainer and Temperament Assessor.

  • *Steve has owned and trained a number of dogs for high level obedience, protection and detection work.

  • *He has also rehabilitated many aggressive, fearful and phobic dogs as research projects in combination with rescue / foster carers.

  • *Steve has developed many new training methods, techniques and behavioural programs previously unknown or untried in Australia. One of the most well known is his “Triangle of Temptation” program.

  • *Steve is affiliated with the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia (NDTF)

  • *Steve has been utilized many times to assess the temperaments of dogs for many reasons including suitability, temperament evaluation, dangerous behaviours, legal matters and other detailed reasons. He has provided temperament assessment reports for Government, Council, Business and private matters.

  • *Steve is often called upon to provide expert report on legal matters concerning dog behaviour, these reports have been used in legal cases.
  • *His knowledge, expertise and experience have led to many seminar appearances and guest lecturer appearances for Training Clubs, Veterinary Staff, Dog Trainers, Dog Sport Competitors, Professional Handlers, Instructors, Breeders and Pet Owners.

  • *Steve has been retained to design and run numerous dog training workshops for Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS), Customs and other Government Departments.

  • *Steve has been retained to lecture Animal Quarantine Staff on Safe Handling Practices for Dangerous and Aggressive dogs.

  • *Steve has designed several Dog and Handler Training Correspondence Courses that have led to numerous accolades, Obedience Titles and Competition wins.

  • *Steve has been the keynote speaker in over 100 Dog Training and Behaviour workshops and seminars being held in various states of Australia, New Zealand & Thailand. Topics have included Training in Drive, Behaviour Modification, Professional Handling techniques, Basic to Advanced Obedience, Motivational Training for the Competition dog just to name a few…

  • *Steve has had multiple nominations and been nominated numerous times for the Dog Trainer of the Year award in the Master Dog Breeders and Associates of Australia awards.

  • *Steve has designed and presented multiple Dog Training Workshops for numerous Dog Training Club Instructors from New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT.

  • *He also runs specific courses for Behaviour Specialists on Dog Behaviour and Aggression, Specific Courses for Dog Trainers and Instructors, Safe handling technique courses for Veterinary Staff, Kennel Staff and Rescue Organisations.

  • *Steve is an experienced selection tester for Working and Competition dogs and an experienced decoy for Bitework Training including the Body Bite suit, Civil Agitation and the IPO Protection phase.

  • *Steve has been the joint speaker/presenter with a number of other high profile dog trainers and behaviourists on topics from training in drive to search and rescue.

  • *Steve is the preferred recommended behaviourist for a large number Vets, Dog Trainers, Breeders, Councils, Instructors, Interstate Behaviourists and pet owners.

  • *Steve began and maintains a very competitive Dogsports team, Team K9 Pro.

  • *Steve was elected President of the Semper Fi Dog Sports Club (IPO).

  • *Steve has been commissioned to design, develop and maintain a Child Therapy Program known as K9 Angels in conjunction with Boystown. This program has proven hugely beneficial for the children involved.

  • *Steve has thousands of happy clients all over Australia that refer him to friends and colleagues, with next to no advertising, he is in high demand.

Dog Sports Competitor?

Steve is well known for producing outstanding results in the Competition Obedience World. His Training in Drive program is second to none.

If you compete and feel your dog isn’t giving 110%, if your slaving away and getting nowhere, you owe it to yourself to book a lesson with Steve and let him show you what your dog is capable of.

Programs are fun, energetic, non repetitious motivational concepts and games.

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Master Class

OK so you know how to teach your dog to sit, but is the technique your using producing the end result you dream of?

Want to know how professional trainers teach positions? Or how to set that perfect “head up” heel position with “vertical gate?

If you don’t know what these terms mean you need to get yourself along to a Master Class.

Learn the tips, tricks and secrets that produce those ring winning results!

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