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Naroa, Jeiki and Alis

Naroa, Jeiki and Alis – IPO – Obedience

Steve began working with Naroa, David and Jeiki and Naroa has one of Steve’s Malinois pups, Alis.

As I got my first puppy ever, some 4.5 years ago, it didn’t take me long before I realised Jeiki would be a handful. As much as we loved our GSD puppy, I just didn’t know what to do, what was needed, what to expect or how to deal with a growing and developing puppy.

IPO ObedienceWe headed to see Steve for a 3 day intensive and get our heads around how to manage the boisterous GSD. David and I had a fantastic 3 days during our lessons with Steve and the escape to the Blue Mountains. We loved our dog already, but were able to understand him better and manage him more appropriately. Credit to Jeiki, 99% of what was needed came had to come from us, changing our habits. The rest just happened. Jeiki has always been a very confident puppy who was happy around dogs and people, but needed to learn manners not to run up to them or get overly excited. He is a great companion of us and we have fun running around and playing with him.

Steve was always non-judgmental, and enthusiastic to make us make the most of our puppy. I remember he focused on our relationship with him and took great joy to see us progress and enjoy him as we were able to get the most out of Jeiki. I guess the motto was Focus on the good things and how to get more of them, rather than the negative aspects. The more positive moments there are, the less negatives there must be.”

A year ago (literally!) I got my Malinois puppy called Alis. The experience with her has been a very different one, not easier, not more difficult. However, I think IIPO Obedience have made a lot more of the right (informed) choices and that has made a huge difference in the relationship I have with Alis, where there is little room for conflict.

Steve’s knowledge on dogs and canine behaviour is endless and the depth of his explanations and way to go about dogs show it perfectly.

I work with Steve as often as we can and I could listen to him talk about dog training all day long, and more! I very much enjoy learning and trying to understand what it is all about. My goal is IPO Obedience

The best thing I could have ever done when I met Steve was to not know anything about dogs and to know it too!


Why do you like Steve? He is cool man, and love him, he is uncle Steve!

Favourite toy: MY red leather ball

Favourite food: Anything but egg shells & spinach

Favourite person: David really… the lady is not bad, but demands more

Character & Personality: Happy, demanding, genuine, loyal, awesome!

Best trick to annoy lady handler: I bark sometimes, as in when there is no reason for it


Why do you like Steve? I bite him, a lot!

Favourite toy: All of them

Favourite food: A full bowl; any food, any bowl

Favourite person: Lady handler (Ms Courtney likes me a lot too and I like her back)

Character & Personality: Sweet (cough!), bossy, determined, happy!, feisty… in no specific order!

Best trick to annoy lady handler: I eat anything I can find – sometimes I do little burps near her too

Naroa and her husband David have written an article you may like to read here

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