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16wc Lesson Page Week 1

Welcome to the RAPP Lesson Page Week 1.

Are you ready? We hope so!

These first lessons are really and or mostly to do with getting the puppy into your home, starting the management, housing, sleeping and playing arrangements.

In these first weeks we only use a harness on the puppy, if you use a collar instead you will likely not achieve the Loose Leash Walking goals.

At the bottom of each lesson it asks you to report back to us with a specific answer, picture or video. If you don’t submit these answers we cannot help you, if you dont complete Week 1s Lessons, we will not provide you with Week 2 lessons as you will need some of the work in week 1 to help with week 2.

L1: Preparing for a puppy to come home 

L2: Bringing your pup into your home the first time

L3: Crate Training 

L4: The Ex pen

L5: Engagement the Beginnings 

L6: The Behaviour Interrupter Testing Phase

L7: Testing and identifying drives

L8: What is your name?

L9: Teach your pup the meaning of No.

L10: Socialisation Exercises

L11. Toilet Training