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16wc Supplementary Articles

16 Week Challenge Supplementary Articles Library

Feel free to go on and read any or all of these at your own pace, we will direct you to articles through the course or you can read them now. There is a lot of information here, don’t read to the point that you are overwhelmed, just immerse yourself in this information and become confident.

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Feeding your puppy

I feed a Raw diet and this explains how.

Puppy Development Calendar

These help us understand the changes in our puppies

Punishing Puppies

A good read to see why we do the things we do.

Socialising your pup

Probably the most important thing to get right.

Preparing your home and yourself for a puppy

Understand how to prepare for the first day

The all important first day

The first day can be essential in getting you started on the right foot with your puppy, mistakes made on this first day can cost you the life of the puppy.

Doing time in the pen

We use ex pens to better manage puppies.

Puppy biting and how we handle it

It is pretty easy to punish your puppy for biting, but what will be the long term cost of the immediate peace?

Crate Training a Puppy

We do not start crate training puppies here, we spend the weeks that we do have with the puppies giving them exposure to new sights, sounds and games. They are only in a crate with us for a short amount of time at the end, so this is how we proceed.

Toilet Training

I would hope people doing this course will have their dogs inside with them at times, so this means we need to toilet train them.

Level 1 Engagement Training

We go through various levels of engagement training with puppies, 8 week old puppies of some breeds will struggle at first whilst others will surge ahead.

The importance of Premack

Premacks principle is a very little understood ideal when interacting with dogs, but it is a very important principle to understand and use.

Hire a contractor

Contractors are more motivated than those on wages.

The Behaviour Interrupter

Great little tool to develop, simple enough yet can be powerful.

Developing your pups drive

All dogs are born with drive, some higher than others and some have lower thresholds to drives making them easier to trigger.

Go Out to Eat and Play

Have a dog focused on your everywhere

Optimism at feeding time

Some dogs that are either anxious or have high food drive can easily develop resource guarding behaviours around food, toys, environments or even water. Use this program to try and teach them the right way before the wrong way surfaces.

Clicker Conditioning

The clicker can be a great marker tool and great for teaching complex or layered behaviours, worth a read.

Be one with your puppy

Making sure your dog is not fearful of your personal space is really helpful in may ways.

Touch, hold, brush and carry

Keep your pup happy with being touched and held

Opposition Reflex 

Understanding this natural instinct and how it can help or hinder your training

Behaviour Labelling

A different approach to adding commands.