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Escaping Dog? We May Have the Answer!

We stock a large range of Innotek products and can order anything we don’t have and have it delivered to your door the next working day in most cases.

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Containment Systems

These systems are the best known way to stop that escape artist dog of yours. Simple to install, most often no tools needed. The system comes with a simple training video that a total dog novice can follow and follow. Most people will have the system installed and working within 2 hours.


The system works by issuing a harmless electrical pulse which is preceded by a warning tone, giving the chance to learn the boundaries and stay within the safe

I have never seen a dog escape
this system when it has been installed correctly.


Safe, legal and harmless to your dog.

SD2000 is a basic system for the budget minded dog owner. It has a replaceable battery and the collar unit is weather resistant. All systems come with 100 metres of wire + 50 flags.

SD2100 is the premium system, with many features it is the best value for money. Innotek have addressed every possible concern that prospective owners could have.

This system has a 24/7 back up battery, so if your areas power drops, your Smart Dog Containment system won’t let you down.

A standard feature of the SD2100 is new and improved control centre. A warning light panel shows the system is functioning correctly. There’s a warning light to indicate a wire breakage, and even an alarm to remind you to charge the collar/s.

The SD2100 has a fully water proof collar which is micro sized and of rugged construction. The collar is fitted with a NiMH battery for long rechargeable life.



This picture shows the activation field. The warning tone usually is enough to keep dogs out of the correction zone, making the system very fair and humane on your dog. Innotek also has a patented run through protection. This means that the system detects a dog running toward the boundary and after the warning tone starts the correction on the high level, assuring your dog stays within the boundary.

Here are some hard facts about Innotek Containment Systems.

The correction is 3000 times less than a standard electric fence and 6 times less than the static electricity you will create when dragging your feet along carpet or you get off the car on a windy day.


Dogs can easily dog or crawl under an electric fence, and of course jump over, that won’t happen with a containment system.

Containment systems are designed for operation on standard residential blocks right up to 25 acres.

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