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Why Steve Doesn’t Recommend Getting Two Pups From the Same Litter

Some people think it will be a good idea to get their puppy a playmate and bringing home one from the same litter seems to be the most common decision, but I recommend against it.

Ideally dogs need to be separated from their littermates between 53 and 65 days, for the reasons why see our article HERE.

If you bring two pups home from the same litter, this can create bonding issues if you run the two pups together, this happens because the pups have not been broken from their birth pack and induced into yours, instead some of their birth pack have moved into your home.

The first thing that most people notice is that they find it hard to get the pups trained reliably as each pup looks at the other for guidance before the human. This is often called by trainers as the pup being too “doggy”. What is really happening is that one pup is taking its direction from the other more dominant pup as that pup is there giving direction 24/7, you’re not.

Another common problem that arises is that you go to take one of the two dogs to the vet at say 12 months and you can’t. The other dog raises all hell as it is not going with its pack mate. You give in rather than allow the screamer to bug the neighbours, and it is all downhill from there. You think it isn’t so bad to have to take two, but when one passes away, what do you think might happen then?

This isn’t the least of the problems either, between diminished obedience capacity and both dogs not seeing you as the pack leader, not seeing you as in the same pack even, everything will be that bit harder.

You might have achieved this in the past with two littermates or are achieving it now, but no matter what you think, it would have been easier if they had been kept separate. There is no good reason to run two pups or even two dogs together other than its convenient.

Pups need to be induced into your pack which helps them understand and be comfortable with hierarchy. This helps them mix with other dogs as the grow and accept that they don’t have to be the Alpha dog everywhere they go. This also helps make them safer around your children or children they meet as they learn to interact without making it about who is the boss.

Raising a pup in today’s society is going to be a big job, make it easy on yourself and in turn easy on your pup by making sure you think through every step.

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