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Selecting the Right Leash for Your Dog

We have a range of leashes for you to choose from, there are a few things that are common to them all.

They are all made from high quality leather or they are the worlds best cotton leash, made by Gripleash USA. They all have solid brass bolt snaps and they are all the HIGHEST QUALITY you will find anywhere in the world!

Here is our guarantee, if your not totally satisfied with the leash we send you, send it back within 7 days for a full refund!

We don’t make a living out of selling equipment, we simply want to be able to offer great quality equipment that we have tested to pet owners.

There is one piece of equipment that every dog owner needs, a good quality leash. I believe that a leash is one piece of equipment you can’t scrimp on.

The leash, at least, should provide safety for your dog, when choosing a leash most people don’t put enough consideration into the strength of the leash. Don’t buy your leash based on the amount of pressure your dog puts on it on an average walk, or how cute the leash is, make no mistake the leash is a safety item.

Cotton leads with die cast chrome snaps will not hold a dog the size of a Kelpie. If you own a Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Blue Cattle Dog, Border Collie, Belgian Shepherd, Boxer, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman, Bull Mastiff, Neo, Dane etc, don’t risk restraining it with a cheap leash.

Leash Breakage
There is one piece of training equipment that every dog owner needs, often, it’s the most over looked & underestimated thing they own, it’s the leash.

People turn up to training at our facility daily with cheap cotton leashes with cheap chrome die cast snaps, this is a big mistake.

There is no doubt that a piece of string is suitable for walking a dog that doesn’t lunge, or pull or panic, but when they do act this way, these cheap leashes very often fail.

We tell people that they should purchase a leash with the same thoughts as a seat belt manufacturer has when they choose seat belt webbing, worst case scenario.

For years we have been using these top quality leather leashes for personal protection/law enforcement work.


You can see from this picture that this dog is not muzzled nor is Steve wearing any protective equipment. This work is known as civil agitation, it’s ensures the dog is not focusing on the equipment, but the man.

If this dog was to break its leash he would be finished, so it’s shows how much we think of these leashes.

Pet owners should take serious note of the type of leash and collar they use to restrain their dog. Products with plastic buckles etc are just trouble in the waiting.

If you were walking your dog through a busy city street and a truck blew it’s horn, or walk into a vet and another dog lunges at yours, will your leash hold up under these conditions?

If not then it’s life could be at risk.

Another thing that occurs with cotton web leads is that when you try and hold them tight, they fold on themselves and it feels like your holding a piece of string, that can easily slip through your fingers, causing burns and your dog to be free.

Below are very important pictures

The first picture you will see our high quality snaps, solid bolt construction.

The second picture shows the weak point of die cast chrome plated snaps.



[error_box title="WARNING"]Note the hole in the bolt on the left hand picture, this is where these snaps fail, they give no warning at all. They do not break under the weight of your dog, they break due to shock loading, this is a sudden increase in load that shears the head off the bolt. This occurs when your dog lunges and hits the end of the leash.[/error_box]

Good quality leather leashes with solid brass snaps make dog handling easy and safe. They are a once of cost that will keep your dog safe and make handling him easy.

We have a range of leads that will suit all budgets.

Take a look at our page on leashes.

Don’t wait until your dog breaks it’s lead before investing in a good quality leash from K9 Pro!


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