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Choosing the Right Remote Collar

In our time of using E Collars, Dogtra has to be, by far, the most reliable, durable and easy to use system out there. They make a huge range of models that more than cater for the needs of every pet owner, dog trainer and sport enthusiast.

Our Dogtra Range

Dogtra has the mots reliable and rugged system in the world, start at the top.

Our Sportdog Range

Sport Dog systems have been around many years and a big favourite amongst hunters and law enforcement.


We have the best pricing on Dogtra Systems and Sportdog Systems, we will beat any advertised Australian price, guaranteed!


We do not recommend the trial and error method of training with any dog training tool. Remote Training Collars are no exception to this recommendation.

Take a look at our Training Lessons, Distance Learning Packages and our E collar Training Manual.

What unit is right for me?

Choose quality over price, no use saving some money on a system that fails many times or never really works well.

Ideally regardless of what size or breed of dog you have, we recommend getting a unit that has many increments in the level of stimulation or correction, this is so that you can choose the exact level you need rather than over correct your dog.

Next is features, is there something that you specifically need? This may make your decision for you.

[icon_email] If you cant decide, shoot us an email and we will help you choose the right collar for you, first time.

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