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The High Intensity Experience

I chose to travel interstate with my dog Reilly to see Steve with some problems we had been having with Reilly’s bolting and general disinterest in working with me. I had taken a look at some of the other behaviourists and trainers in our state but found most of them focused on aggression issues, which wasn’t the problem that we were having.

From looking at the website and the interaction with other clients on the Facebook page, I felt that Steve went about his training differently, using drive as his training foundation and motivator, rather than the general obedience training methods we’d been failing at already, and people seemed to be saying that they were getting good results using his methods – not only were they working through their problems, but also continuing on to succeed in things like agility and competitive obedience!

Once I’d had a look at the logistics of transporting the both of us interstate and decided that it was actually possible, I emailed K9Pro for an appointment, and after an exchange of possible dates, we booked ourselves in. Organising to come over was much simpler than I had thought – all I had to do was book the flights over the phone, arrange with the freight company for a travel crate for both flights, and then organise accommodation and a rental car.

Accommodation sorting was made even simpler when Alison recommended me a place (Maddisons Mountain Retreat) quite close to their facilities – less than 10 minutes away – and as a bonus, Reilly could stay inside with me too.

It seemed a bit strange traveling all that way just for a couple of days, with Reilly in tow (and I think friends and family thought I was a bit strange putting all that effort in just for a dog!), but I believe it was worth the effort.

I was given a lot of good advice and insight into how to solve some of the problems we’ve been having, and also really importantly how to get more out of Reilly so that we can do some more interesting things together later on. We’re a few weeks into the program that we’ve been given to work to, and so far I’m seeing a great improvement in his interest in me and his interest in the work I’m asking him to do – by far an improvement from a dog who I was steadily becoming more disappointed with, and also afraid of doing things with for fear that I would lose him.

I am really thankful to Steve for taking us on and for the effort he has put into helping us, and I’d have come over earlier if I knew how much help the trip would give us!

Chloe (and Reilly)

Steve says:

Chloe and Reilly are a great team, Chloe has built great drive in Reilly and it was easy to work with them both, once redirected we were able to make some great progress!


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  1. Well done Chloe and Reilly. Maybe one day we will see you and Reilly around the trial rings here in SA.

  2. Thanks Sally! At the moment, stewarding is the only way I’ll be going inside a ring, but it’s certainly the aim! All the best to you and Kenzie, and maybe we’ll bump into each other at a trial one day.

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