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Follow Up Appointments

Steve Courtney – Dog Behaviourist Sydney

After you have had an Initial Consultation / Lesson with Steve, if you need to see Steve again, you will either be having a Follow Up Consult / Lesson or Block Lessons if you wish to have a number of lessons with Steve.

Follow up appointments can be either one, two or three hour appointments and can either be done either at our facility or at location of your choice. (Appointments at your home or location may incur travel charges.)

When you know in advance that you will need more than 2 follow up appointments, Block Lessons would be advisable as they are charged at a lower rate.

  • Booking Service
  • Session preparation
  • Session time allocation (1,2 – 3 hours)
  • Audio recording of session (for Staff use only)
  • Follow up support (8 weeks via email)

After the Initial session, you may need a follow up or several follow up sessions, this depends on how much you need to learn and the dogs abilities, nature of the problem etc.

Follow up appointments are charged at a lower rate as the Initial Consult / Lesson has extra elements not needed in follow ups.

Many people for example decide to work with Steve regularly, as often as once per week, fortnight or per month, after the Initial Lesson they would then go to Block Lessons which again are at a much lower rate than the Initial Consult.

Other people will need to work with their dog at home for many weeks or months and see Steve every few months, these are still follow up appointments.

You can use your Follow Up Consult or Lesson for whatever you like, its your time and you can use it as you like.

  • Behaviour Problems
  • Obedience Training
  • Helper/Decoy
  • Dogsports Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Temperament Assessment

So if you would like our help or just some more information, just email us and we will get right back to you. Email us on

Or if you prefer to speak to a real live person, give us a call between 9 and 5 any weekday, our experienced people will be happy to give you any details you need or give you advice on how best we can help you. 

Our office number is 02 45 789 789 or if your calling internationally, it’s 612 45 789 789.