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Bringing your pup into your home the first time

Bringing your pup into your home the first time

In the “All important first day” there are thing that are covered here, but this is a quick reference that you could have with you as soon as you pull up in your driveway with your pup. Often the first 20 minutes is a picture you might like to erase because it involves your older dog having a crack at the pup, the pup toileting in your house and you stepping in it.

So let’s back off to the couple of days before, set your house up for the pup and be ready for everything and anything when it arrives home.

I will tell you what I do and you can copy that or add your own variety, the idea of this course is to help you understand and develop concepts not copy steps. I really want you to learn “dog” not copy Steve.

Inside the home.

I set up a puppy exercise pen and crate and although these may be near each other, they won’t be connected. When you connect them I have watched dogs learn to use the crate as a toilet. They are not in the way because I move things out of the way so that my pup will be in the living space of the home.

Inside the ex pen is a crate bucket and some active toys like an Invincible and Triceratops. These are active toys that will keep my pup busy and stop the puppy screaming at me for stimulation.

These do not go into the crate though, the crate is a resting place.

Any time my pup is in the pen and I walk by, I will reach in and give the toys a squeak or a spin to put some activity into them.

Inside the crate is a Snuggle Puppy which the pup can only have at night. There is no bedding or water bowls or toys. Crate is for sleeping/relax.

I have on the crate the pups harness, collar, long line, leash, treat pouch and tug toys at the ready.

My backyard has been checked for poisonous plants and fences are secure.

Pup arrives home

I get the pup out of the car, with harness on and long line attached, I walk out onto the middle of the front yard holding only the end of the long line, I might make a noise like the behaviour interrupter but I will not drag the puppy to me. The line stops pup going too far but I want to teach the pup to follow me.

I hang around the front yard silently until pup toilets, I don’t stimulate the pup or play with the pup nor will I go inside. The pup does need to go.

Once the pup toilets I will take it inside my house and walk the pup through my house getting it acquainted with my scent etc. I place a meaty bone in a bowl in the back yard and then I take the pup there and leave it locked outside.

Most pups will scream, this is good. We want the pup to scream and learn right now we will not come for that sound. It won’t take long with most pups, usually less than 15 minutes and they will start into the food.

That is when I go out, to a quiet pup that has learned that if it screams I won’t attend. Self settling if you like.

I will then with food pouch attached begin my engagement games with the pup and be testing its drives etc. I could bring it inside with the meaty bone to eat it in the ex pen as well, lots of options once the understanding has been made that I won’t come for whinging pups.

This has big pay offs the first night.

Your homework is to post some pictures of how you have set up your puppy pen, crate etc.

You can post these images to our Herzhund Onwers Group Facebook page.

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