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Diet and Nutrition

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Foods that Spell DANGER to dogs and cats

Whilst some foods are great for us humans, they may be harmful or even toxic to our dogs and cats… Onions and Garlic It is well known that Onions can be fatal to dogs and cats.  This is because onions destroy red blood cells and can cause anemia, weakness, and …

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The Case for Dietary Supplements

The movie Crossroads is loosely based on bluesman Robert Johnson, who, the story goes, sold his soul to the devil for musical greatness.  Of course, he had to pay up in the end. It’s a cautionary tale of trading almost-too-good-to-be-true gifts at a terrible cost.  Unknowingly, we’ve made the same …

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Modern Dog Foods – a Recipe for Disaster!

Dr Ian Billinghurst is an expert in his field, you can learn how to feed your dog a natural, healthy, performance boosting diet that will ensure both physical and mental health. Why is modern dog food a recipe for disaster? The answer is simple: “Dogs are not designed to eat …

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