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Our Laws and your dog

I have well known that our laws in Australia regarding dog bites and dog management could really do with an overhaul, when late last year we added a “Breed Type” legislation, it was clear we were taking a turn for the worst. I was sent an article today that shows …

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Training in DRIVE!

I’m really only going to touch on the basics of this style of training, it can be very simple but also very in depth so this article is a very basic premise of what training in drive is. If you would like to find out if your dog would be …

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Momentum in Behaviour Modification and Training

As most people know, we run many Behaviour Consults and Training Lessons both here at Kurrajong NSW, all over Australia and we also run Distance Learning Packages (correspondence courses) on various disciplines and this article is to cover the importance of momentum or continuous forward movement in training. First to …

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Bringing Your New Baby Home

A baby coming home will be a huge disruption to the social structure of your home, not handled correctly, the dog/s can protest and make it impossible to coexist, meaning they get re homed or euthanized. Bringing a baby home to your household when you have a dog or dogs …

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Breeds We WILL NOT Work With!

If you’re looking for a list, you won’t find it here; there is no dog that gets turned away from K9 Pro. There are some trainers and Behaviourists that won’t provide training to some breeds as they deem them troublesome, aggressive or hard to train, in my opinion why turn …

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Understanding Drives

Many people have different ideas on what drives dogs have, some describe actions as one type of drive and other trainers call it something else, often these people are talking about the same thing, just have a different name for it. When I talk about drives, I use the word …

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