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Dog Trainer Position available K9Pro

If you want to be a dog trainer or behaviourist that will have the skills to work with ANY level dog, there is no place we know of that deals with dogs in the categories that we deal with at K9Pro.

Our specialties include: –

  • Rehabilitating dogs with high levels of aggression directed towards humans and other animals
  • Training, Re training, Counter Conditioning, Desensitisation and controlled exposure of dogs with behaviour problems.
  • Developing training strategies and programs for dogs and their owners from Puppy to working adult dogs in pet to professional roles
  • Training dogs for a multitude of dog sports at the top levels of competition.
  • Scent detection from beginner to Government Department, we cover it all.
  • Animal husbandry, breeding and boarding.
  • Working with people who have dogs, teaching people to teach, train and manage their dogs from pet owner to professional dog trainer.

If you are a dog trainer and you want to move to the next level, contact

Our business is dedicated to helping people and dogs. Our TEAM of staff are and must be dedicated to working hard to get the best results possible.

The right person would need to be willing to work hard and share these goals, be open to learning new techniques and strategies and working with dogs that are deemed by many “untrainable” or “impossible”.

Must have own transport, NSW drivers license, be reliable and dependable and be ready to give your all.

Some experience will be an advantage.

The rewards are big in our field when we achieve incredible successes but it takes work and dedication.

If you are this person, contact us to lean how to get results like the video below.