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Board and Train with K9Pro

We take in a number of dogs each year to help owners get some of the foundations trained through our Board and Rehabilitation program. We know that there are just some dogs that need this extra help to get progress happening.

Some dogs may be so aggressive that it could be hazardous, dangerous and or socially irresponsible and illegal to train in public places until they have progessed to a much safer level of behaviour. Others may be so anxious or nervous that they cannot deal with the pressures of open spaces and social situations and they will not be able to focus enough to learn.

We have a purpose built indoor training facility which is secure, temperature controlled (22 degrees all year round), sound proof, well lit and has soft flooring underfoot. We can work with your dog in this environment to stabilise them and teach the foundation behaviours without them having to worry about other dogs, people or other problems.

Once your dog is stable enough we will introduce, gradually, stressors and elements your dog may struggle with and help them over come the problems.

We will work with ANY dog, regardless of size, shape, behaviour or severity. ALL dogs can improve, MOST dogs to a level you would never think possible. SOME dogs take a little longer.

Our Board and Rehabilitation process is:

We will ask you to complete an online form which will ask you many questions about your dog/s. These will include questions about your dogs health, training, eating habits, behaviour problems etc and many other things that will help us understand the challenges you face.

Board and RehabilitationIf you cannot get to us, be it that your interstate or cannot transport your dog, we can organise transport for your dog from your home to our facility. So even if you live only an hour away or as far as overseas, we can help.

Very rarely is a dog that has a behaviour problem only affected by one trigger, it will be many things in the dogs life that help create these behaviours.

On or near your dogs arrival to us, your dog will be assessed and then Steve will set up the training / behaviour modification plan.

Your dog will begin learning the steps of the training plan and we will update you every week. We sometimes use a number of different handlers throughout your dogs stay so that your dog will not just work with one person, but we also test this with our other trainers here.

As your dog progresses we will start to plan to integrate you into the training and adjust your dog back to your home routines, awake and work hours, feeding regimes etc.

There will be a handover appointment booked and you will be shown what your dog has learned and trained to handle your dog. If you need more time to learn how to handle, train and manage your dog we can help you via follow up lessons.

This will be a one on one with you and can be done via Skype if you are Interstate or Overseas.

When your dog is finished his or her program here, they will be able to demostrate the changes in their behaviour to you at your hand over lesson, which is included in the packages.

You will have received video updates of your dog working and you will see your dog work to that level in the handover.

After that we also include a Free follow up session, 7 – 30 days after the hand over so that we can help you get your handling to a level that your dog needs.

Some people have had very big struggles with their dog and have lost their confidence, and even though we can handle your dog, you may not be able to (this may explain why).

So we will work with you through lessons to help you get back your confidence, for as long as you need.

Our staff are incredibly supportive and will work with you to give you what you need to feel empowered.

With some people a lesson or two can make the difference and some people have had a lesson per week for a few weeks. It does not matter, there is no right and wrong only what is right for you, and that is what we are interested in providing.

We take dogs regardless of how serious the problems are, super human or dog aggressive dogs, naughty and misbehaving dogs even at expert level are well within our experience. We have standard 5 and 8 week packages but it must be remembered that a lifetime of rehearsing unacceptable behaviours won’t be erased in a few weeks.

Some dogs need to stay longer, some will need to come back and work on separate parts of the program once the initial training has been started but most go home and their owners are amazed at the difference.

Many times we will need to spend a number of hours with you, the dogs owner to teach you how to help your dog make better choices and recognise and reinforce those choices consistently.

Dogs are pack animals, they need structure and boundaries and most importantly they need guidance. How you live with your dog can make or break the behaviours that we trained so we need you on board with us as part of the team for your dog.

Some dogs are not genetically sound, have had a lot of trauma in their lives, poor imprinting and upbringing and they are a challenge, even for us, but with our programs and consistency even the most difficult dogs can make big changes.

Know that any time a dog leaves us and starts to slip back, there is something going on in the dogs life that was not happening here, this may seem like something small but it can have a huge effect. We need and want you to follow the programs that help keep your dogs behaviour where we all want it to be.

We have some videos for you to look at below, these results are typical of what we deliver.

Some owners may struggle to be effective trainers, that is perfectly normal, we can schedule lessons to get you up to where you need to be.

This is a premium service, the results are remarkable and lasting if you continue the program.

Here is a video of a dog that stayed with us (Over excited Boxer) and part 2 (here)

Human and Dog aggressive German Shepherd (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Very human and dog aggressive German Shepherd (a must see) (here)

Labrador and German Shepherd (here)

We have hundreds of videos on our Youtube and Facebook page.

Some facts about your dogs stay here: –

Dogs are never run with, or make any contact with any other dogs during their stay here except dogs that we use in training. This exposure is 100% controlled so there are no fights or injured board and traindogs.

Our kennel runs are designed so that dogs cannot see each other when they are in their runs. This prevents behaviour rehearsal, being intimidated or encouraged by the neighbouring dog.

They are also very large, around 5 metres wide x 8 metres long (40 square metres per dog!).

Floor is sealed with epoxy and sanitised to control any bacteria.

There will be no group play sessions, off leash group sessions or other risky flooding techniques. We take no risks with your dog.

Your dog will be fed the diet you have at home (we ask you to bring a few days to start with) initially.

Then fed 4 – 8 times per day a raw diet suitable for your dog (dogs with allergies can remain on your provided diet if need be). This feeding regime is to build a strong reward system we will use to teach, train and proof your dog.

We want to make sure that there are no commercial additives or chemicals that may be effecting your dogs behaviour.

We use Prime 100 Single Protein products to hand feed your dog in training which are excellent for all dogs, especially those with allergies, skin problems and so on.

The techniques, concepts and programs used here to rehabilitate your dog will be the same programs we prescribe in consults, our staff are highly experienced at remaining within them.

Dogs exercise is controlled, via supervised treadmill, swimming and running in our 7 acres of private property, with a long line attached.

Kennel runs are of the highest security steel mesh, heavy duty steel panels 3m high with insulated indoor kennel and the complete run is insulated and fully protected from the weather.

Being 100% protected from the sun and having superior insulation means the kennel runs are approx. 20 – 25 degrees all year round. 

There is also a water misting system that activates on timers for extreme hot weather. A fine mist of cool water is sprayed throughout the kennel block.

Your dog will be washed with Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo, blow dried and brushed before coming back to you, we use only this product as we feel it is the best and is gentle and soothing on skin.

How long will my dog be with you?

This is a hard one to answer, most dogs that come to stay with us have very severe and ingrained behaviour problems, they don’t disappear in 2 – 3 days.

In most cases dogs are with us for around 5 weeks, but of course some longer and some shorter, it depends more on your dogs ability to learn, what training foundations your dog has when we meet him or her and the problem at hand.

We understand that you love your dog and want to be apart as little as possible, we get the results as fast as we can.

Keep in mind that your dog may have been rehearsing these behaviours for months or even years, so they won’t just be forgotten overnight.

There are no days where your dog sits around in a kennel doing nothing.

We are not hard or harsh with your dog, the training is reward driven in all cases and some consequences are applied to strengthen other behaviours. We use all four quadrants of the Operant Conditioning Matrix as needed to motivate your dog and modify his or her behaviours.

There have been dogs come through our facility that have been rehabilitated of serious issues with the addition and removal of reward (positive reinforcement and negative punishment), but there are others that require more than this.

What should you gain from Board and Rehabilitation?

Your dog will be taught the foundations of the program, so lets assume that your dog is aggressive, we may teach (or we may not) your dog to walk calm on a loose leash, come when called andBoard and Rehabilitation another two or three foundation behaviours that we will use to desensitize and finally counter condition your dog to other dogs.

You will be able to instantly identify the training that has been done and this will remain solid when you take your dog home and use the same techniques, tools, communication and rewards.

Your dog will display less of the problem behaviours than he or she arrived with, maybe none of them at all.

This is because we are not going to try and completely rehabilitate your dog, that would take maybe months, but we will teach and rehearse the programs for you and this will help you continue to improve your dog.

Your dog will understand when he or she is behaving appropriately, through the communication system we teach.

Actions change first, feelings take a while…

Like humans, dogs may feel like doing something for quite a while after choosing not to do it, this is the habit slowly dissipating.

Imagine if you are or were a smoker and decided to quit, you follow all the guides and stop smoking.

If you were a three packs a day smoker, the cravings will be incredible for the first few weeks or maybe months. If you were a five a day habit of course those cravings will be easier to deal with.

Your dog is not a robot, he or she cannot be re programmed and because we do not use methods that include high levels of pain, intimidation or threat, this is not a one day boot camp.

Who does this option suit?

  • People struggling to get progress happening with their dog/s.
  • Dogs with problems out side the owners ability to rectify.
  • Dangerous dogs that need intervention and a safe and secure facility to work in.
  • People who do not have the physical ability to train, manage or control their dog.
  • People who are fearful of their dog or what he or she could do.
  • People who want help kick stating the program
  • Those who maybe having a baby or moving into shared accommodation and are worried something will go wrong.

Where this option will not helpBoard and Rehabilitation

  • People who can’t be bothered training or spending time with their dog. The dog will come back better and just slip back to where you where before.
  • People who are not invested in their dogs and want someone else to do the work. We can help you break ground but you need to keep working.
  • People who have fixed ideas on the way dogs should be managed and trained, if they were not working with you before the program they won’t work after.


Here is a detailed article hat can help too!


Dogs are living, breathing, thinking creatures, just like you or me, the only way to guarantee a behaviour change is to force the dog to do it, then absent the force, the dog won’t do it.

We do not use force to modify your dogs behaviour, we use motivational techniques to help your dog choose better options.

We focus on the solution not the problem; meaning we teach the dog the correct behaviours and we try and motivate the dog to offer those in place of the ones you don’t like.

Once they are being offered we reinforce them many times to build strength. Repetition – repetition – repetition

In this system we see the problem behaviours replaced.

Guarantee’s put the trainer under pressure to provide an outcome, that pressure is often passed on to the dog via the trainer…

Read Steve’s Philosophy on dog training here.

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