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K9Pro Headquarters

K9Pro Headquarters

We are situated just out of Richmond, NSW on just under 7 acres of flat, grassed land.

Our premises will be constant work in progress for a good many years as we have so many plans for our fans to enjoy…

We offer many dog training services for the every day dog owner right through to the professional.

Our secure facilities include a fully enclosed Indoor Training area (20m x 15m!), set up for Behaviour Modification, Precision Heel work and small classes (up to 10 dogs / 50 people).

This room is purpose built and there is nothing like it that we know of.

Some of the room features are:

  • Fully air conditioned and insulated.
  • Sound proofed.
  • Suitable lighting.
  • Insulated and padded floor to prevent injuries from activity.
  • Floor lined and sealed with specialised material giving us the ability to sanitise completely.
  • Wall to wall mirrors for observation of precision work.
  • Custom designed Scent detection station with multiple training options.
  • The highest level of equipment you will find.
  • Comfortable seating for clients and dog beds and crates for dogs.
You and your dog deserve this level of excellence


We also operate a highly specialised rehabilitation and boarding kennel, which has been purpose built to be super secure, relaxing and able to house dogs from all sizes. Fully insulated, secure facility so you know your dog will be safe.

We have an enclosed exercise yard also that has 3 metre! high fencing, concrete edged path and grass with sun shade for off leash exercise and large grassed paddocks.

We also have a dedicated Obedience Ring and IPO / IGP area and huge grassed paddocks that we can use for large events!