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Puppy Biting

Puppy Biting

It is pretty easy to stop a puppy putting teeth on you, but it is even easier to teach the pup never to go into drive around you, never to bite anyone ever again and so on and of you have plans of bite sports or protection, you might kill some or all of these.

I have owned well over 200 dogs in my life, many I raised from a puppy and many have been high drive dogs, none higher drive than my current dog Venom.

Venom puppy bite

He also was a big fan of the leg bite, and he still is!

When he was a puppy I never never punished it, although so many times I wanted to, and still today he is a machine on the leg bite, but only when given the ok.

What I successfully did was maintain his awesome leg biting but put it on cue…

The Malinois puppies I breed have never been punished for biting either, they are managed well though so unwarranted biting isn’t a big problem.

So if you don’t punish it, you won’t have to suffer it for long. I know someone might read this and think, I have a dog that bites legs and I did punish him. Well this is my answer.

A: You might be lucky

B: You never know if he could have been better and

C: Many people from RAAF, Police and other places have watched in awe Venoms ability to destroy a decoy 4 times his weight, he has a mighty reputation, I’m sure I don’t know your dog. 🙂


I don’t have the pups running loose when I am not supervising, its crate, ex pen, outdoor pen or I am working with them.

When I am working with them I have food or I have a tug, so I don’t have a dog on my leg too much.


When a pup grabs my leg and I really don’t want this to happen, maybe because I have good p[ants on or shorts, I will just grab the pup and push it towards my legs and hold it still. It will stop.

It may not stop straight away and you may have to experiment with the best way to stop your pup, but it will stop.

This video shows 4 of them onto me, there is one out of camera, they do this to me a lot and 8 weeks I never punish them. It can be managed.

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