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Temperament Evaluation

A Temperament Evaluation is an assessment of the dogs behaviour and potential, potential of what the dog or puppy will be capably of, good and bad.

We conduct Temperament Evaluations to establish a prediction of the future or highlight where and why behaviour problems are current.

Temperament Evaluations, which are very important when selecting a new dog for your family, sport or work or to use to establish a diagnosis for behaviour problems.

Steve conducts many temperament assessments for pet owners who are caught up in Dangerous Dog Declarations, Menacing Dog Orders and or other Legal Dog Matters and can provide a detailed behaviour analasis with recommendations, expert testimony in court and rehabiliation if neccessary.

Steve conducts dozens of these reports every year to help pet owners avoid heavy penalities including fines, restrictions and seizure.Temperament Evaluation

Groups who use Steve for Temperament Evaluation: 

  • Rescue and Foster Carers.
  • Individuals with a problem dog or who would like to assess the dogs capabilities for work
  • Council Departments who need an independent opinion
  • Police and Military who need a dog assessed.
  • People whose dog/s who have been involved in an incident which has brought Council attention.
  • Steve can complete a Formal Temperament Assessment which can be used in defence of a Dangerous Dog Declaration or other Council action.
  • Temperament Evaluations to certify dogs safe for our K9 Angels Therapy Program.

These can be done at our facility or your desired location and come with a written report and can have a video of the test included.

So if you would like our help or just some more information, just email us and we will get right back to you. Email us on

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Our office number is 02 45 789 789 or if your calling internationally,

it’s 612 45 789 789.