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Socialisation Exercise

Socialisation Exercise

If you have read the article in the Library on Socialisation and Neutralisation, you should have the grasp of what we are trying to do here.

We are aiming at giving your pups exposure to new things and setting low / neutral values to them. Know that this does not mean not exposing your pup, that would be leaving your pup “unsocialised“.

Instead you want to create a list of 5 things that will be present a lot in your life and work on exposing your pup to these things this week and establishing what your pups default value was.

Then indicating how you need to modify this value (either up or down) to achieve neutral value.

Here is an example list if this were my pup: –

My other dogs

Initial value +4

Method to Improve is crate my pup a lot around my other dogs. Play motivational games with my pup using tug and food rewards around other dogs that do not engage my pup at all.

Other unknown dogs barking, moving and playing.

Initial Value -3

Method to improve is feeding my pup food rewards around other dogs that are barking at a distance and using Sound Proof Puppy App to play dog barking sounds at many other times.

Other people, my staff and other people who come to the business

Initial value +5

Method to improve is have my puppy crated around staff a lot with no staff to give me dog any attention or affection. Put food in my staffs hand and let pup run to them but never get food from them. Play tug around my staff and if pup goes to staff member during game, staff member to walk away and tug game to end.

Loud noises such as car engines, sirens, helicopters

Initial value 0

No adjustment needed but I will re confirm that 0 is the level each week.

Getting in my truck

Initial value +3

None needed

Public places like coffee shop

Initial value if no staff there was 0 but when staff come out same as when my staff so I will primarily work on this with my staff first as I have better control of that environment.

Interpreting the results

Your looking to observe the pups behaviour, and then make a judgement on if the pup was 30 kilos would this behaviour be acceptable.

I do want my pup to interact with other known dogs I trust, but when I say interact I mean not in drive and by that I mean no high energy games, fun or play. Sniffing, identifying etc if normal and fine.

Note about other dogs

If you somehow get your pup attacked by another dog before the age of 13 months, there is a very high likeliness that your dog will become fear aggressive toward unknown dogs.

This means your adult dog would have a negative value of other dogs and be very difficult to control.

If you don’t allow your dog to interact with other dogs until after 13 months, you will likely have the same outcome.

Dogs needs to be taught and rehearse how to get along with other dogs a LOT. Your job is to make sure this interaction is calm and rational, a little boring perhaps, leaving you looking outstanding.

If you are not sure of the behaviour of the other dog, just avoid any close up meetings but instead play with your puppy in a parallel manner.

Homework due by end of first week.