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The High Intensity Experience

I chose to travel interstate with my dog Reilly to see Steve with some problems we had been having with Reilly’s bolting and general disinterest in working with me. I had taken a look at some of the other behaviourists and trainers in our state but found most of them …

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Do I need to see a Dog Behaviourist?

What you will and won’t get with us… Steve won’t be talking about your aura, your energy or anything that isn’t based on reality, results or science.  A Dog Behaviourist is someone who can understand the thought process of your dog. Steve will only using evidence based results to develop and …

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Training in DRIVE!

I’m really only going to touch on the basics of this style of training, it can be very simple but also very in depth so this article is a very basic premise of what training in drive is. If you would like to find out if your dog would be …

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